10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

In the last two years, the cleaner and organizer in us has awakened. And when we run out of drawers and kitchen counters to declutter every week, we come back to our space – our wardrobes. AND with every sweep we find something we had bought but never worn, an expensive branded item that put a hole in our pockets or just a basic t-shirt by a famous brand that cost us $100! Seriously, who thought these styling tips were worth it?

It’s time we re-evaluate our approach to what goes in our wardrobes and how we spend our bucks. While it might make you feel confident to have limited-stock, designer pieces in your closet, your bank balance will strip that away in no time. 

Sit with us and let us give you 10 styling tips which, if you swear by, will help you stay stylish and elegant without shopping brands and shedding tears. 

Invest in versatile pieces 

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

So you bought a dress for your friend’s wedding, another for Thanksgiving, another for a Tinder date. But it’s eating dust in your closet now, isn’t it? Even though some pieces of clothing are unbelievably beautiful, they can’t be worn more than twice. 

Invest in clothes you can style in many ways and pair different pieces of accesories with. When done right, you will be able to wear it multiple times in the same crowd without revelation. Get your money’s worth, always. 

Go with classics, not trends

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

Trend fades, classic stays. 

Maybe you bought distressed stockings by Gucci, because, well, it’s Gucci. But they eventually tore away, and can’t you tear your own $2 stockings and make them look the same?

Buying what’s trending might seem like a great idea at the moment, but trends fade away quickly. All you’re left with is regret and an item you can’t wear. Invest in classics instead. The stuff you can use for years to come, pair with different things and look graceful in. 

Discover small brands and businesses

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

One of the best styling tips you’ll ever discover is to shop from small businesses. Many times, the quality of what small, homely brands sell matches that of big brands. And because not many people shop from small businesses, you get a chance to look different than everyone else. 

Shopping from these startups and businesses will save you some $$$, and you’ll most probably get excellent customer service. 

Swap with your stylish friends

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

You’re not really friends until you wear your friend’s wardrobe, right? We are visual beings, so we understand who in our friend circle is the most stylish. 

When you need something new to wear and want to give away a stylish piece many have seen, consider cloth-swapping with your friends. Win-win-win!

Give rental fashion a try 

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

If you want to wear something on a single occasion, try out cloth renting services. More and more fashion rental companies are popping up, and they offer amazing styles at low prices. This works greatly when you’re too scared to buy something you usually wouldn’t, but would like to give it a shot anyway. 

Renew your old clothes

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

Call out the fashionista in you and renew your old clothes. It could be an old t-shirt that you crop, an old pair of jeans that you make into shorts, or just an old handbag you can get crafty on. 

Refurbish and upcycle your dears without spending a buck, and have a new item in your wardrobe that your friends will love!

Look for pre-owned clothes online 

We all wore clothes passed down to us as kids. Why stop now?

‘Thrift’ shopping, as the internet now calls it, is all in. Many web influencers and models sell their pre-owned clothes for less, and this is the perfect opportunity to grab what you like. Not only do they sell you clothes, you can find great styling tips on their feed, too.

Buy what suits you, and keep it 

While we may not like having 24 pink strappy pink blouses,  we do like to wear what suits us. Discover what looks best on you and what you feel the most comfortable in, and look for similar styles. You might end up finding that green is your color. Great! Collect a few green blouses over the years from different small-businesses. 

Know what looks best on you and make that your style. 

Pair, unpair, pair 

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

Even though you might have bought that pair of beige chinos to wear with a black turtleneck or a white shirt only, make experimentIng your best friend. We have already talked about versatility; what’s also important is having an open mind. Pair pieces of clothes you never imagined wearing together and watch the magic of style take over.  

Make the best of fashion subscription boxes 

10 Styling Tips To Be Fashionable Without Shopping Brands

Not having to decide what you can buy, but liking what’s in your closet every time you open it?

Consider subscribing to fashion boxes now available worldwide. Most of the subscription plans cost less than what comes in your box. You never run out of clothes to wear, and can be assured of the best style picked by knowledgeable stylists. 

Do you have more styling tips? Share with us in the comments below!

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