10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future Accurately!

You must have heard a lot about the show The Simpsons. Not only is it one of the longest-running shows, but it also is one of the funniest satirical comedies on TV. But these are not the only reasons behind this show making the headlines from time to time. Something much suspicious is always luring in the back of all the controversies related to the Simpsons. Of course, the show can be a bit blunt and shows the reality of society. But also, quite a few times The Simpsons predicted the future with absolute certainty. Yes, you heard that correct. Also, we are sure that you are already aware of this fact by now, since it has been discussed in online forums for some time.

So, keeping this in mind, we thought to prepare a list of the most prominent predictions that this show has made, and some of these are too close to ignore!

10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future Accurately!

Trump’s Win

Donald Trump winning was something that they predicted long back! Episode came out on 19th March 2000 and Donald Trump won in 2016.

The Orb Scene

This orb scene with Trump and other leaders was predicted more than 15 years ago! The episode aired in 2002 while in reality it happened in 2017!

Lady Gaga’s Performance

This performance by Lady Gaga was way too accurate! The episode aired in 2012 while the event took place in 2017.

Siegfried And Roy Tiger Attack

One of the predictions that went true was this sad tiger attack. The episode aired on 1993 and the accident happened in 2003.

Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox

This prediction was done way before Disney even showed any interest in owning Fox! The episode aired in 1998 and Disney bought Fox in 2017.

Three Eyed-Fish

Simpsons showed a fish with three eyes. This fish was found in real after a few years! The episode aired in 1990 and the fish was discovered in 2011.

Faulty Voter Machine

How were they so accurate with this faulty voter machine thing? The episode aired in 2008 while the faulty voter machine incident happened in 2016.

This Game Of Thrones Episode

So, this means they kind of gave us a spoiler? The Simpson episode aired in 2017 and the Game of Thrones episode aired in 2019.

Female Vice President

What is up with this one? How did they even predict the correct outfit? The episode aired in 2000 and this picture was taken in 2021.

The 2020 US Elections

The accuracy here is too accurate to be ignored! This episode aired in 2012 and the actual event took place in 2020.

So, these were some of the predictions that were done by The Simpsons. Now, we are not sure if they have a time machine or if their guessing game is at its peak. But the thing that is for certain is that they sure are a bit sus! What do you think about all this? Which of their predictions was the most shocking one to you?

If you liked reading about how The Simpsons predicted the future, you should also read these Barney Stinson’s life lessons!

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