Top 5 Games That Will Remind You Of Road Rash

Road Rash was/is a legendary game and always will be. If you are one of those people who does not have any clue what Road Rash is, you are highly recommended to find out! This game was played mostly by everyone who even had the slightest of interest in gaming. Now, people are looking for games similar to Road Rash to feel nostalgic all over again.

It is definitely not easy to find games that will remotely feel as good as Road Rash did but there are so many games being introduced, it makes it slightly easier for one to find about such games within minutes. So, to save everyone from the misery and the long process of finding such games, here we are helping you by providing you with a list of 5 games that we remind you of and ooze the vibes of Road Rash.

Road Rage

Road Rage is a game that is very similar and inspired by Road Rash. Very much like Road Rash, it is not only about racing but also road combat. This game provides your player to use baseball bats, long knives, hockey sticks, and a lot of other pieces of equipment. To put it quite plainly, you have to use a lot of “rage” instead of “rashness”. A huge number of people have been seen satisfied with this game because it showcases the spirit of Road Rash.

Road Redemption

Road Redemption is very similar to Road Rash but with more pieces of equipment. It also provides you with firearms! It’s aggressive just like 2020 and clearer. It also gives you the option of one player mode or multiplayer mode. Created by Pixel Dash Studio, they sure have put a dash (pun intended) of Road Rash in it and it is clearly more visible when one plays it. It is a really good game to play when you want to kick the butts of your opponents as it can be very easy to ace this game if you play it daily and practice it with other people. 


This game is a futuristic racing game. It is set in a futuristic world, where everything has been reduced to nothing but a wasteland, and racers must get on their plasma powered bikes and race through the bizarre environments. The game also allows the players to use various weapons either for defence or offence, which adds a rush of adrenaline for the new generation of kids or adults who are playing this game.

Road Rash 3D

This version of Road Rash is specially made for PlayStation. It is the same as Road Rash but in better quality and of course the fact that it is 3D. Just like Road Rash, you have to try not to get caught by the police and keep your money safe from them. This is a perfect combination of nostalgia and better graphics wrapped in one game. 


While this game uses cars instead of motorcycles, the root and the spirit of Wreckfest is almost the same as Road Rash. It is a combat racing game where you hurl your cars into others’ until only you can win. So, it is pretty much like the people in life. But with better quality graphics. You can also buy or sell your vehicles and customise it to make it more personalised. There are particularly a lot of fans of this game due to this little detail of buying, selling and personalising that a lot of games that have been inspired from Road Rash do not have in their games.

It is clear that no game can ever come close to make us feel how Road Rash made us feel. But I am not going to lie, these games for sure make one nostalgic and push one to play at least one more round of any one of these games. At one point one might even get obsessed with these because it is so eye-catching and playful. It is a really good way to pass your time when you are stuck in quarantine.


Such games can also be a stress buster because of all the racing and fighting that you do. It creates an atmosphere of fun that till date was carried on by other games on account of Road Rash. One can play these games for hours and not get bored. I mean how will anyone even get bored while trying furiously to kick their opponents off their lame bikes or even while trying to shove and make other opponents so hard that they might even end up in some whole other realm. In other words, Road Rash is the epitome of nostalgia and quite honestly, the king of games when it comes to bike racing.

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