5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

Whether you’re a smarty and have run out of languages to learn (first of all, Ho?), or are one of those who want to learn something ‘apart from the crowd’, or are just to find out the language you can use as a code while talking to your peeps, our list of fictional languages will be your saviour!

But language isn’t always naturally evolving. Sometimes, for numerous reasons, language is artificial, and is made up to serve specific purposes. Linguists are the scientists who study language, and even create languages! Thanks to these smarty-pants, we have compiled a list of the 5 totally made-up or fictional languages you can really learn!


5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

No surprise there. Everyone who has watched Game of Thrones, or knows people who have watched Game of Thrones, knows that the Dothraki language is spoken by Viking-like Dothraki warriors in the book and the show. Half-developed by the writer, George R. R. Martin, and the rest by the infamous linguist David Peterson, Dothraki is a mixture of Arabic and Spanish sounds, and isn’t as difficult to learn as you might think. Want to give it a shot? Head over to Dothraki.org


5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

Imagine books written by a linguist himself, who goes on to develop a fully-equipped fictional language spoken by the elves. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!

Not many people know that the beloved J. R. R Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit  was an outstanding philologist. This is exactly what prompted him to create Elvish, the lavish language used in his fantasy world of Middle Earth. Elvish has two parts, Quenya and Sindarin, and fans have made sure to improvise this language in order to use it in conversations.


5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

The beautiful blue humanoids took Earth by a storm back when Avatar was released in 2009. Na’vi, the language of the alien species, was created by linguist Paul Frommer. Whatever we heard in the movie in Na’vi took 6 months to create, when Frommer co-ordinated with director James Cameron who had a mental auditory-image(?) of how it should sound. Since then, Frommer has expanded this beauty and you can find it on his blog called Na’viteri.


5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

The Klingon species is fictional. The language? Not so much. Even though the Star Trek language, made for the use of bumpy-headed creatures is fictional, it is now actually taught by Muller at Migros Club School in Switzerland!

Probably the most famous fictional language, Klingon was developed by linguist Marc Okrand. Want to learn this language? Get your hands on the 1985 book, The Klingon Dictionary by Okrand, and your nerd antennas!


5 Made Up Languages You Can Really Learn!

The most commonly spoken artificial language in the world today, Esperanto was created by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof as defence against discrimination. Because he had first-hand experience of racial and cultural discrimination, and believed that a common language would open the lines of communication, thus resolving half of our issues, he came up with Unua Libro, the first Esperanto book, in Warsaw. This Esperanto Bible laid down around 920 words roots (mostly from Latin) and 16 grammatical rules which, when combined and used, could create innumerable words and sentences. Esperanto has a rich history and was spoken as a code language in Word War 2 concentration camps. If you want to learn Esperanto, Unua Libro is the way to go!

Did we miss your favourite fictional languages ? Let us know below!

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