7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

Have you been dreaming of travelling to Norway for a long time? I bet you did, especially if you love cold weather countries. Many things make Norway an ideal destination to visit. As you plan for your trip to Norway, you should be considering certain things that helps to ensure you a convenient and budget friendly travel while ensuring that you experience the best adventures and sights of the country.

Book Tickets For Your Train And Bus Travel in Advance

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

By booking tickets for your train or bus rides in advance, you can save up to 50 percent off the cost. Tickets for your train journey can usually be booked up to three months in advance. Trains in Norway can be really expensive, if you don’t book your tickets in advance. You can choose to buy the Minipris tickets, which usually cost around 200 – 300 Norwegian Krone for the entire route. To make your journey lighter during a specific leg, you can also opt for the lockers at Oslo S/Oslo Central Station where payments can be made through Visa, Mastercard or cash. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access the locker between 1:10 AM-4:30 AM to pick up your luggage, as the station will be closed during this timeframe.

You Shouldn’t Miss The Train Journey

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

Norway has a very good public transportation system that makes its domestic travel easily accessible for you. The long distance trains in Norway offers not only easy transportation, but beautiful sceneries of a wide range of landscape from urban environments in Oslo to beautiful mountains, valleys, forests and fjords in rural environments. You can experience one of the most popular train rides in the world on the 371-km long scenic standard gauge railway line Bergensbanen, also known as the Bergen Line. The full journey takes around seven hours between Bergen in the West and Hønefoss in the East of Norway. Another popular Norwegian train ride Nordlandsbanen, also known as Nordland Line is a 729-kilometer long line that runs from Trondheim and Bodø. The Nordland Line is one of the few train rides in the entire world that crosses the polar circle, where you can take in sights of inland forest villages, coastal highlands, and various wildlife.

Get Familiar With Norway’s Currency

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

Norwegian Krone is Norway’s currency. 8.65 Norwegian Krone is equivalent to 1 USD. It has to be mentioned that Norway is using less cash and most places accept credit or debit cards. This makes for no crisis if you forgot to bring cash, but it is always a safe idea to have a bit of cash on you as foreign currency is rarely accepted. You can find ATMs everywhere in the towns and cities and in more rural areas you can withdraw money from occasional kiosks.

The Declination Of Norwegian Krone

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

The currency of Norway, Norwegian Krone is so weak right now. The currency was already weak in 2019 due to the uncertainty relating to Brexit, international trade conflicts and global unrest are all part of the equation. The current undergone further declination in 2020 due to the tumbling oil price, global markets and general uncertainty post the emergency measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. The currency declination is one of the best reasons for you to plan a trip to Norway right now. The Norwegian currency hasn’t ever been so weak, and it makes a huge difference in prices too. This doesn’t mean that everything here will be cheap for you, but will certainly be affordable.

Rules On Tipping

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

In Norway, tipping is not a common practise and adding service charge to a restaurant bill isn’t a traditional culture. With more American visitors in the country, tipping has become little more common in restaurants, cafes and hotels in big cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. If you wish to decide to tip, especially if you are pleased with the customer service in bars and restaurants, 5-15 percent of the bill would be appropriate. The main reason why tipping is not a common culture as employees in all industries are paid a living wage as the country is highly trade-unionised and industries have collective agreements on minimum wages.

Do Best Things In Norway For Free

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

The best reason to visit Norway is not its booming nightlife, amazing shopping or anything else that you have to pay for, but to see the mesmerising nature. There are a lot of things that are worthy of spending a lot of money in Norway, including a fjord cruise or rail adventure, but there are many other breathtaking views you can take for free. You can go mountaineering Romsdalseggen in Andalsnes, trail hiking in Sognefjellvegen, the highest mountain pass road in Northern Europe or take a trip on a passenger ferry from Byfergene in Fredrikstad all for free.

Estimate The Distances Of Your Norway Itineraries

7 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Travelling To Norway

You shouldn’t be thinking that all the distances in Norway will be easy to reach, because it is a tiny country with just 5 million people. Norway is pretty huge, that sprawls over 1,000 miles and is the longest country in all of Europe. Even a small distance can take you long to cover, as you have to navigate through winding mountain roads and catch ferries across fjords. You can rely on Google Maps, especially if you are planning to hop over through several cities and towns in your Norway visit.

The Scandinavian country has approximately 5.2 million people and has many times been listed as of the best places to live and or visit. The majority of Norwegians speak English even though some are a bit shy to have a full conversation. Norway is also one of the safest countries in the world with extremely low crime rates in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

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