7 Women Bridal Dresses Around the World

Growing up in the western world you probably have seen all brides wear the traditional white gown on their wedding day. But, around the world brides where and adorn different dresses that speak of their tradition and culture. In India it is auspicious to wear red and in countries like Ghana the bride and groom wear the same patterned colored outfits. There are some places like Kosovo that have a rather unusual traditional makeup for their brides.

While there are a number of traditions across the globe here’s a list of 7 countries where the brides dress in their traditional attire for their wedding day.



  1. 1 The Indian Bride

    India is a country of many cultures but that one thing that remains mostly common is the bride dressing up in a traditional attire laden with jewels and embellishment. They wear a traditional lehenga, which is a lot like a skirt, or a saree. Brides, mostly choose to wear red, which is considered auspicious, or pink, and other bright colors. They cover their heads with an ornate red dupatta.


  2. 2 The Indonesian Bride

    A lot Indonesian women now choose to wear the white bridal gown. But, their traditional bridal dress is much more colorful and ornate. The traditional wedding dress is called a Kebaya. It is a combination of dress with a blouse. Elaborate textile is used across the country to make these dresses. Songket or batik material is used to make these dresses in some areas. Each island of the archipelago has a different tradition. The kebaya is generally worn with a sarong.  

  3. 3 The Japanese Bride

    Brides in Japan wear a white kimono, which is the traditional dress. The white wedding kimono is called ‘Uchikako’, is worn with a hood, which is a form of veil, and is called a ‘wataboshi’. The Japanese have a lot of dress changes during the wedding ceremonies. Some brides then change into a red kimono or other colored kimonos for different ceremonies.

  4. 4 The Nigerian Bride

    Nigeria has different ethnic people who wear different attires for wedding what we see here is the Yoruba bride. The bride usually wears a 5 piece dress which is made with the same color fabric as the groom’s dress. This includes a blouse with long sleeves, a waist cloth called the Iron, a shawl or sash called the Iborun that is draped across the shoulder, a scarf called Gele, and a sheer veil. Matchings shoes and a feferiti complete the look.

  5. 5 The Mongolian Bride

    If you attend a Mongolian wedding you might get a little confused as both the bride and the groom wear the ‘del’, a traditional Mongolian dress. The bride’s dress is usually in a lighter color than the groom’s dress. The ‘Del’ is a tunic like dress made with raw silk and is adorned with brocade appliqué work.

  6. 6 The Romanian Bride

    The romanian bride wears a unique skirt called a ‘fotă’. Wool or cotton is used to make this skirt, which is then embellished. The wedding dress also includes a beautifully decorated head gear called the Marama. But the most distinctive part is a large number of colorful beaded necklaces which the bride wears. They come in all sizes.

  7. 7 The Yakan Bride

    The Yakan’s are Muslin community that reside in the basilican Phillipines and they follow the Islamic wedding style. Yakan brides wear their traditional dress, the Semmek which is completely environment friendly as their textiles are made from bamboo, pineapple and abaca fibers. The bride and groom both wear paint on their faces during the wedding ceremony. 

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