7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

Anime sure has shown us some amazing imagined worlds. The fantastical universes that writers and animators create, from My Hero Academia to Sword Art Online to Attack On Titan, show us the extent of human imagination in coming up with a setting completely different from the world we know. While a lot of anime shows choose to be about unreal powers and supernatural abilities, some keep things subtle and relatable. It is these shows that rely on scientific explanations of stuff, and on technological advancements that govern their world. Take these amazing gadgets and machinery from some of our favorite anime for instance. While some of them seem futuristic and others out of our league, they’re all pretty cool in their own way!

AmuSphere Hardware – Sword Art Online

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

As the successor of the more common NerveGear, the AmuSphere brings to the table those pre-existing qualities and more.  It is a roughly circular helmet with two overlapping metal rings. It can access the human brain and stimulate all five of the senses to transport one into a virtual world. Most importantly, it is WAY safer than the Nerve Gear. The microwaves it transmits to the brain are at a safer frequency, and it also retains some connection to the real body so the user can come back if their bodily condition becomes abnormal. It uses the Imaginator to create a hyper-realistic virtual space where avatars of various players can interact. Honestly, if this were real, gamers would find heaven on earth.

Therm-Optic Camouflage – Ghost In The Shell

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

Ever wanted the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter? Well, anime offers something similar; only, it’s not magic, but science. It is a camouflage technology that facilitates an active stealth system of blending into the environment, becoming nearly invisible to the naked eye. It works by projecting the ambient conditions of the opposing side, so the object or person that is being masked becomes essentially transparent. Section 9, the special intelligence team in the anime, frequently uses this system in their missions, though it is not without flaw. Sudden movements that become detectable through a faint, translucent distortion may render it somewhat limited, but it is later perfected and becomes the ultimate espionage weapon. 

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear – Attack On Titan

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

If you ever find yourself fighting for your life against giant, man-eating creatures who have breached your only protection (a mighty wall), congratulations – you are in the Attack On Titan world. You need to be a fighter if you want to survive, and the highest, most advanced battle gear you could ask for is the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. Strength and stamina are rendered useless against the powerful titans, so this man-made weapon gives you the next best thing- mobility. It appears as a body harness, occupying most of your body below the neck, and includes tools like Hand Grips, Piston-shot grapple-hooks, Gas-powered mechanism, and Iron Wire Propeller with Plug-in Blades. Seems like a lot of stuff to carry? Yeah, it is, so better start working out because you need both strength and skill to handle this mechanism, or you’ll end up breaking your bones yourself. 

Holograms – Psycho Pass

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

Today’s science is not unfamiliar with holograms and holographic tech, but their use in the anime Psycho-Pass is both cool and very enviable. They are an essential part of daily life in all spheres and have been used for a variety of functions. For starters, people live in ‘holo-houses’ – a virtual structure overlaid on a basic substructure –  and have ‘holo-servants’ – automated programs that act as butlers or maids, like the jellyfish-shaped Candy. A trip inside the futuristic city of Tokyo will have you finding holograms all around you, from building exteriors to cineplexes. Police-like holos that communicate with people and avatars that everyone is required to project are one thing, but you will get green with envy with how a virtual holo can be overlaid on the basic outfit to completely change the appearance of your clothes; the same goes for vehicles. Let’s just say Holograms keep up appearances in the best way possible. 

Automail –  Fullmetal Alchemist 

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

Again, prosthetic limbs are not a new concept in their use in disability. But the Fullmetal Alchemist universe has automotive armored prostheses, a more versatile, powerful, and advanced form of regular prosthetics. The Automail links directly to the nervous system and can be moved essentially like a natural limb. It is typically a full steel skeletal frame layered with steel armor-plating to protect the various wires and intricate machinery inside, but more durable and less cumbersome materials like carbon fiber and aluminum alloys are some contemporary alternatives. Their coolest upgrade is into ‘combat automail’ that incorporates armaments like firearms and hidden blades for battle. While the process of attaching the Automail to one’s body is extremely painful, it might just be worth it to become a literal knight in shining armor. 

PhoneWave/ Mobile Microwave – Steins;Gate

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

An invention of the Future Gadget Laboratory, the PhoneWave is the first successful “Time Machine” in the anime, which would later serve as the basis for a more advanced Time Leap Machine. You can use it to send text messages to the past, referred to as ‘D-mail’. A weird combination of a microwave controlled by a mobile phone led to the serendipitous invention of a machine that could use multiple real-world theories to conduct data across space and time. It didn’t do the same for any material objects though, instead ripping them apart at the molecular level, and giving you, for instance, the gross ‘gel-banana’. But what are a few bananas destroyed if I can chat with, say, Gautama Buddha or Leonardo Da Vinci?

Memory Storage/ Memory Preservation Tech – Mardock Scramble

7 Coolest Technologies From The World Of Anime!

Sure, the use of this mechanism was totally evil in the context of the anime films, but the opportunities if it was used correctly are pretty self-evident. For instance, you would be able to erase unhappy memories or preserve the memories of the deceased, frail, and mute people. Science-fiction geeks would understand how it could be highly relevant to create a ‘back-up’ of someone’s memory which could lead to solving crimes and presenting testimony against criminals. History could potentially be immortalized, and people could access firsthand accounts of events and interactions. Heck, you could be immortalized if your memories were to be passed on from generation to generation. Not feeling forgetful anymore, are we?

Which of these anime techs is your favorite? Tell us below!

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