Baby Shower, But From The Sky?- Unravelling The Myth Of Storks Carrying Children

While watching The Boss Baby, the magnificent white creature, called ‘stork’ caught my attention. In encyclopedias, this bird is just a part of its species. It is often described as ‘beautiful, with white feathers covering its skin. It has parakeets with aqua-coloured eyes, with a triangle-shaped mark on its sides and has super-long legs. 

In the movie, storks are responsible for delivering the babies to families who are expecting them. 

Honestly, it is pretty interesting to learn why this storks carrying baby myth came to relevant use and where did this come from. Looking back at the history of storks (and not making it boring), storks have always been recognised with good luck and fertility.


Baby Shower, But From The Sky?- Unravelling The Myth Of Storks Carrying Children

In Roman times, a stork’s nest on your roof was a blessing and killing a stork was a crime. White stork, in the Hebrew language, is chasidah, meaning ‘kind’. They’ve been seen in ancient paintings, often with babies and have appeared in many children’s tales. With many religious representations, it is quite hard to trace the main source of this myth. Was it a folk tale? Or based on a coincidence that occurred?.

The first theory

Baby Shower, But From The Sky?- Unravelling The Myth Of Storks Carrying Children

The first theory is that it was just a story to tell children. It is creative, unique, and makes the child be interested in the story. A perfect narrative to become the best seller if you ask me. This goes against the fact that storks are carnivores, and you definitely shouldn’t bring something as feeble and small as a child near them. 

The second theory

Baby Shower, But From The Sky?- Unravelling The Myth Of Storks Carrying Children

While in several mythologies storks have been representing love and prosperity, they also represent ‘marriage’ or ‘commitment’. 

The other theory, which makes more sense dates back to the Pagan era, more than 600 years ago. Back then, it was frequent for marriages to occur during the annual summer solstice. 

Summer was associated with fertility and bringing lucky flukes. Storks often begin their migration journey during this time. 

Although no established interest was found before, after the coming years of this tradition it was observed that the birds would return from Africa exactly after 9 months.

The tale grew all over Europe, and many people believed that storks blessed them with children. However, with the story’s overuse and spread, at one point it completely took a turn and people believed that they carried the children. 

Some may have observed that storks carry something with their beaks while flying, and assumed babies.

It was German folklore that stated that storks carry babies in a basket on the back or in their beaks from caves where the ‘stork stones’ were. The babies would then be given to the mother or be dropped from the chimney. Pretty strange thing to assume, but ‘chimney’ is actually predictable in stories. 

What do Santa and storks have in common? They deliver gifts through the chimney!

Why have storks been compared to a parental figure?

Baby Shower, But From The Sky?- Unravelling The Myth Of Storks Carrying Children

Storks make ideal carriers of children (leaving the fact that they may eat them). They are loyal and amazing parents. They are dedicated to feeding and taking care of their children even after they learn how to fly. They’re really big birds, ranging from 60cm to 150 cm in height. It would make sense to assume that they’re comfortable in carrying a baby. 

A Storks Carrying Baby myth, but a pleasantly framed tale explains the ideologies of people in the past. Five-year-old me would have definitely believed this tale, after all, it lets me explore more of the world. Maybe, storks actually carried children but stopped many years ago! Who knows? I’ll need a time machine to check this story.

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