Tarot Cards, Swinging Chains, And Other Ways The World Predicts Its Future!

Can tarot cards predict the future?

Broaden your minds! Use your inner eye to see the future!

Divination or fortune prediction is an age-old concept that didn’t need a prophet for popularization. We are naturally drawn towards the very idea of being able to predict the future; to try and control our fate. Take Oedipus Rex, for instance. An oracle later, the poor guy’s father gives him away in hopes to change their fate. But fate catches up, eventually. 

Still, being able to know what lies ahead has been thrilling for people of all ages. This is why almost every culture of the world has its own divination practice! Some of these can be common to different sections of the world, some unique. We have looked through the most curious prediction ways and are listing them down for you. Practice them if you want. But remember, only under the strict supervision of Professor Trelawney!

Reading leaves and ground coffee – Tasseography

Tarot Cards, Swinging Chains, And Other Ways The World Predicts Its Future!

We who have watched Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban are familiar with tea-leaf divination. Professor Trelawney and her grim reaper, right?

The practice of reading the contents of a cup is years old, though. The easiest ingredient to read is tea, followed by coffee, and then wine. 

When you want to try your hand at cup-reading, take a spoonful of loose tea. Put it on a stove or a kettle to boil in water. Once it’s boiling, think about the question you need the answer for. When brewed, add anything else you like in your tea. Yes, you’ll be drinking this tea. Pour it into the cup you’ll be doing your voodoo in, without straining. Start sipping. While you’re at it, ask your question and finish your beverage. A tiny amount of liquid and the tea leaves will still be left in the cup. Swirl thrice. Clockwise for questions about the future, anti-clockwise if past. Pour the remaining liquid into the sink and pull out an online guide to read whatever shape the tea leaves have ended up in. You’re all set!.

Tasseography is said to have originated in Asia, Ancient Greece, and the Middle East. The tea-leaf Trelawney style reading came to us in the 17th century from China, though!

The hidden symbols in tarot cards – Cartomancy!

Tarot Cards, Swinging Chains, And Other Ways The World Predicts Its Future!

We’re sure that everyone has, by now, heard about “tarot card reading”. Well, we can’t really answer you if your question is “can tarot cards predict the future?”. But we can surely help you see for yourself!

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy and is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. 

How many tarot cards are there, exactly? 78!

Each card symbolizes something, all you have to do is draw one from the deck to be face to face with your fate. You would usually need to ask a question that tarot cards will answer, or tell your card-reader the area of your life you would like them to focus on. There are thousands of tarot card readers all over the world now and they also offer online services. Expert card readers admit to there being no difference between online and in-person readings!

Recording the planetary positions at one’s time of birth – Jyotisha Astrology!

Tarot Cards, Swinging Chains, And Other Ways The World Predicts Its Future!

The ancient Indian form of life prediction believes in cosmic influences governed by the planetary and star positions at a baby’s time of birth. This time, accurate to the second can, according to this Vedic practice, provide helpful clues about the behavior, career, health, and relationships of the person in question. A Jyotish, translating roughly to a ‘reader of light’ prepares an extensive birth chart of the baby, and this chart is referred to whenever solutions are needed for personal and professional problems. 

Sounds a little far-fetched? Need we remind you that the entire concept of Zodiac signs stems from the same cosmology?

Reading burnt bones – Pyromancy!

Tarot Cards, Swinging Chains, And Other Ways The World Predicts Its Future!

Fire has been associated with divinity and energy so often that using fire as a source and tool to predict the future comes as no surprise to us.

Pyromancy is said to have originated in Eurasia – chiefly China and Tibet and has been practiced for thousands of years now. During Renaissance magic, this was one of the seven forbidden forms of divination!

The type of pyromancy we are talking about here is closely associated with scapulimancy, where people take out the shoulder blades of an animal and toss them into fire. The cracks produced by the fire in these bones are then interpreted as answers to questions 

A little stunned at our ancestors? Good news, though. Pyromancy is mostly a scattered and clandestine practice now, and not really considered for professional-level fortune-telling. 

Swinging Chains To Foretell Tomorrow – Penduluming!

Have you watched Minari? If you have, you know how that one guy located water using a stick. This practice is called dowsing, and pendulums are used for it, too. 

However, dowsing has evolved and pendulums now are also used to find answers to troublesome questions, or just for some guidance. Next you see a swinging chain, you know what to do with it, huh?

Penduluming or pendulum dowsing involves just a pendulum. All you have to do is stand straight while holding it close to the ground, without moving it at all, and ask your question. Practitioners swear by the pendulum suddenly starting to move, jerk or swing wildly. Your answer is in the movement. How the movement can be interpreted as a solution or an answer is for experts to tell!

Which divination practice have you witnessed firsthand? Tell us below

No fortune cookies, hey! 

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