Consumerism and The Culture of Plastics, which other Alternatives could be used?

Plastic is everywhere and is a great threat to our environment. Sea animals and fishes are the most affected. They sometimes swallow the plastic straws or the plastic bags. It is dangerous for hem and kills them. Sea turtles often get their head stuck in these plastic bags and the straws get stuck in their noses. Not just that plastic filled in landfills takes around 500 years to degrade, and some types of plastic is a not even bio degradable. Recently around 11000 kilograms of garbage has been found at the foot of Mount Everest, which included plastic bottles.

While some plastic is recyclable most of it just goes into landfills and stays there for more than a hundred years. People have blamed manufacturers and packaging industries for the same, but we as global citizens can make some changes at our end.

Here are simple steps with which you can reduce the use of plastic in your daily life.

  1. Summaiya

    This is really simple, just carry your own shopping bag. A lot of the plastic that goes into the sea consists of plastic bags. You carrying your shopping bag will reduce half of the plastic that comes from your shopping. Especially when you go out vegetable shopping. Instead of putting the vegetable in a plastic, carry them to the counter and then put them in your shopping bag. Go to a farmers market for your grocery supplies, or better try and grow your own. If you don’t have a garden then you can plant some vegetables in pots or hanging pots indoor balcony.

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  2. Summaiya

    Drinking water is essential for everybody and carrying your own water is the most sustainable thing that you can do. While there are a number of BPA free reusable plastic bottles available, you can also opt for glass or steel bottles. Because sooner or later you are going to throw the plastic bottle. By carrying your own bottle you can prevent a lot of plastic water bottle from going into the landfills.

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  3. Summaiya

    Stop buying packaged food and start cooking. This is not only good for the environment but is also good for your health. Most of the packed food carries around seven layers of plastic packaging that goes into garbage. It is recyclable but a lot of it takes a lot of time to degrade. Packaged food also contains a lot sugar and transfer that is not good for your health and is responsible for the increasing cases of diabetes and obesity. You should also try and reduce home delivery orders because a lot of them use plastic boxes to pack their food. Go out for dinner instead and spend some time with your family and friends.

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  4. Summaiya

    Plastic straws are dangerous. Next time you step into a fast food joint just don’t take the plastic straw or the plastic glass cover. If you are on the go, then carry your own cup with a steel straw. Start refusing plastic straws in pubs and clubs, ask for paper straws or better still don’t use straws. Also don’t use the plastic stirrers in coffee shops ask for a spoon or a wooden stirrer. 

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  5. Summaiya

    Whether eating out, getting home delivered or carrying food along, avoid plastic cutlery at all times. It might sound a little burden some but you can carry your own portable cutlery. It is better than putting the burden of plastic on the Earth. Some of the fast food joints have started using and providing alternatives like bamboo spoons.

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  6. Summaiya

    A lot of milk providers deliver milk in bottles to your homes. They come back the next day and take the bottles away. This will reduce the plastic packaging garbage that comes from milk packages. 

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