Discovering The Little Things That Make Japan Special

To step in Japan is to step on land thriving with compassion, beauty and art. Even with millions of travelers and explorers covering their country, looking for what it is that makes the country unique, the little things that make Japan special, the Japanese remain an incredibly polite people, and this politeness manifests itself in more than just smiles and words. If anything, Japan is the home of accomodation and inclusivity – a sign of love and acceptance like no other. Perhaps this is why all of us dream of moving to, or at the very least traveling to this country one day. For it is not only the cherry blossoms and sinking airports that make the nation magical; the land is so drenched in its cultural heritage that, when you do visit, you find the little things that make Japan special. 

Discovering The Little Things That Make Japan Special

Clearly a one week trip is not enough. To discover the magic that lies in the nooks and crannies of Japan, we have to stay there long enough to allow it to reveal itself to us. From beautiful Hello Kitty bullet trains for kids to hop in to the enchanting Wisteria tunnels – a floral dreamland, Japan pulses with grace and gentility. Without doubt the beauty waits for no man to witness it, but, unlike other parts of the world that remain just as beautiful with or with a people, the citizens of Japan are what make the country, swaying with the thriving energy and culture. 

Discovering The Little Things That Make Japan Special

And here’s proof. Proofs, if we’re getting that right. As the country keeps getting advanced in its technology and industry, it makes sure to use it the most beautiful way. Let’s look at some of the things that make the land of the rising sun truly worth it. 

If you have ever been in an elevator and pressed the wrong floor, don’t worry, Japan will fix this. 

And if you are tired in that lift, here are some seats to give your little feet some rest. 

Entering a new premise? Japan has wonderful animal symbols assigned to each floor, because, as you will agree with us, the cuties are easier to remember. 

At a public place with your little one? Japan has custom kiddie washrooms. 

And little baby seats and bag holders in big people bathrooms.

And if you are sick or hurt yourself, you don’t need to waste one more breath on keeping that ice pack in place. 

And hey, gum comes with its own throw-paper.

Truly beautiful, isn’t it? As the country advances, it keeps a part of its compassionate cultural heritage. It is made by its people, after all. And, as we just saw, for the people, too. 

These were the little things that make Japan special. Read about what it is like to live in Japan. 

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