Find Out If You Are A True KatyCat!

Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Ha, silly me, of course you are a fan of one of the best-selling artists of all time and the first female to have an album with five number one songs. In fact, there was a time when people listened to nothing but Katy Perry. I know because I am one of them.

The diversity of her songs just pulls you in, containing both playful and serious themes. The vibrant experimentation she does with her looks and backgrounds in each performance and music video makes listening to her songs a whole experience. So it is only natural that she has adoring fans all over the world, whom she lovingly calls ‘KatyCats’. You may think of yourself as a KatyCat, but are you really one? Let’s put you to the test!

  1. 1 Which of these objects are iconic during Katy’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ concerts?

    1. Cherry chap-sticks
    2. Kissy face posters
    3. Cocktails in fans' hands

    Cherry Chapsticks!

    It's a pretty funny story, actually. Fans have often thrown cherry chapsticks at Katy Perry when she performs the song 'I Kissed A Girl', in honor of the lyrics. 

  2. 2 What is Katy Perry’s vocal range?

    1. Soprano
    2. Contralto
    3. Baritone


    Katy has been praised on multiple occasions for having a sexy and powerful contralto voice range!

  3. 3 Which song are these lyrics from- “Now you're plain boring"?

    1. Last Friday Night
    2. California Gurls
    3. Hot ‘n Cold

    Hot 'n Cold!

    This song is a playful but bold take on the struggles of having a steady relationship with someone who is so indecisive that they switch moods constantly. Katy says that it is based on an actual experience she had with a guy!

  4. 4 Which of these tattoos does Katy Perry NOT have?

    1. The words ‘Go With The Flow’ in Sanskrit
    2. A peppermint tattoo
    3. The word ‘Enlightenment’ in Chinese

    'Enlightenment' in Chinese!

    Katy has a lot of beautiful, small tattoos that hold great personal meaning to her, like a lotus flower on her wrist, and the Sanskrit words for 'Go With The Flow' on her arm. But this Chinese one isn't one of them!

  5. 5 Which of these movies did Katy Perry make her acting debut with?

    1. Katy Perry: Part of Me
    2. The Smurfs
    3. Zoolander 2

    The Smurfs!

    This was Katy's first major movie role where she voiced the character of Smurfette and even won a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Voice in an Animated Movie! She has since released her own documentary too.

  6. 6 Which of her albums got Katy Perry a nomination for 'Album of The Year' in The Grammys?

    1. Prism
    2. One of the Boys
    3. Teenage Dream

    Teenage Dream!

    This album and all of its songs had amazing sales and fan responses and really brought to light Katy's talents. It was nominated for two categories in the 2011 Grammys!

  7. 7 Which of these songs has the lyrics “Wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down”?

    1. Wide Awake
    2. Firework
    3. The One That Got Away

    Wide Awake!

    This song with its dark cottagecore vibe won all our hearts. It's about coming to realizations, maturing and healing from them, and some people believe she seems to be talking about her divorce from Russell Brand.

  8. 8 Who does Katy claim as a major influence on her career and music journey?

    1. Michael Jackson
    2. Freddie Mercury
    3. The Rolling Stones

    Freddie Mercury!

    Katy hails Freddie Mercury and Queen's song 'Killer Queen' as one of the reasons she got into music. She says that their lyrics made her feel confident and powerful, and we can definitely see this inspiration in her songs!

Find Out If You Are A True KatyCat!

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  2. Quiz result

    Not a true KatyCat, not yet, at least!

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    Ooh, maybe you're one of those people who just happened upon some of her songs and added them to your playlist? Maybe you're not as much of an 'artist' person as you are an 'art' person, but that's okay! Katy Perry is a musician, first and foremost, and if you appreciate her work, that makes you a true fan!

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    Hmm, Kitty Purry, maybe, but not quite KatyCat.

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    It's clear that you love her songs and know your stuff too, but perhaps the sense of adoration is missing? No worries though, because appreciating her music is the best gift you can give an artist, so she'll be very happy! Congrats!

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    Woah, a true KatyCat! That's a rare breed.

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    Wow, you probably know as much about Katy as her best friend does! Haha, kidding, but you're pretty close. It seems that you have been a fan since her early artist days, and sticking with your favorite all these years is what makes you a true KatyCat and very respected by the Katy Perry fan community! Here's a Queen Katy to bless your day!

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