Fly Geyser, Nevada – Oh, What A Wonder! But Hey… Keep A Safe Distance!

The Fly Geyser in Nevada can shoot boiling water up to 200°F. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether a natural boiling fountain exists, HERE’S YOUR ANSWER!

You heard us right. This fascinatingly colourful Fly Geyser is located on the Fly Ranch in Gerlach, 20 miles north of Nevada. Most of the tourists have experienced this wonder visually through the Burner Byway, a picturesque route that connects a number of hot springs and desert landscapes.

What? Why? How?

Fly Geyser, Nevada – Oh What A Wonder! But Hey… Keep A Safe Distance!
Wikimedia Commons / Jeremy C. Munns

Apparently, the first geyser on this plot was formed as a result of digging for agricultural purposes. The people in and around needed water for irrigation, but later realised that this water was too hot to be used for agriculture. Thus, the first geyser was formed, and came to be known as one of the most interesting facts about Nevada.

In 1964, a geothermal power company drilled a test well around the first site only to find out that this water was not hot enough to meet the temperature requirements. This well was then re-sealed. Supposedly, the cap did not hold due to pressure of the water, and the main geyser was formed. The Fly Geyser plumes boiling water up to a height of 5 feet!

Mineral-rich boiling water

The scalding hot water has led to the deposition of calcium carbonate in large amounts around the holes. These depositions grow about 6 inches every year. The geyser’s fast formation is mostly due to the increasing evaporation rate of water which in turn also increases the precipitation rate of silica.

The colours you see around the mounds are due to the flourishing thermophilic algae. These thrive in moist and warm environments making it a perfect fit for them to grow and spread here, making our Fly Geyser one of the most beautifull places to visit in Nevada!

Nevada – An out-worldly concept

Fly Geyser, Nevada – Oh What A Wonder! But Hey… Keep A Safe Distance!

Geysers, hot springs, etc. often make us realize about the geothermal potential that Nevada has. Apart from its super-heated reservoirs, hot springs and a wild geologic history stun people and leaves them thrilled with the wondrous presence and behaviour of nature. These fun facts about Nevada have often made the state a tourist attraction for the daring.

How do I get to the Fly Geyser in Nevada?

Fly Geyser, Nevada – Oh What A Wonder! But Hey… Keep A Safe Distance!
Wikimedia Commons / Ken Lund

Fly Ranch was bought by the Burning Man Project in 2016. They conduct various natural walks, retreats, gatherings and specifically guided tours for which the site is open.

Friends of Black Rock – High Rock also conduct weekly walks around the area from April to October. Tourists are allowed to click pictures at the end of it and not during the walk.

 This accidental spectacle of nature is definitely worth a visit!

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