Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

Everyone loves a great relaxing end to a tiring day. Feet up, your tunes on the speakers dim lights and a cocktail in hand. That, or a bunch of your friends over, glaring disco music on the speakers, neon lights and still, a cocktail in your hand. With the drink being so vital, irrespective of the setting, why not get yourself some top notch equipment to get that perfect mix in that martini glass? If you’re confised about which one to zero in on, here are some crowd favourites cocktail makers when it comes to making your own cocktail at home. Get trippy! 

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

Sexy to have on the kitchen counter. And sexy to serve you sexier drinks to gulp down on Netflix night (I would’ve said date night, but are we willing to risk it with the sneaky virus?) Keep the reservoir full with the water, and four of your favourite spirits. Need to insert the bitters, extracts or juices via capsules and you could let the machine whip up your favourite mix. Or you could control the drink strength yourself. Comes with a touchscreen, connectivity to android and iOS, a reservoir that’s dishwasher safe and recyclable pods. Expensive, yes. Not perfect for whipping up drinks for a party, yes. But why are you having a party during a pandemic in the first place?

Cresimo Home Cocktail Bar Set

Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

Going by what the official website says, this one’s a catch. Going by what the website says, its out of stock. But let’s just dive in a bit, yeah? This 12 piece set is durable, premium and quality, and apparently doesn’t rust easily. Not at all. Okay! A Martini shaker, jigger, strainer, ice tongs, corkscrew, wine opener, stand and a recipe book too. Dishwasher safe and versatile. 

Drinkworks Home Bar

Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

It’s sexy to look at and we’re pretty sure it knows it. Crime if it doesn’t. Relies on pods to whip up the perfect cocktails – no need for external alcohol containers. Added precision of a CO2-infected carbonation system and the Quick Cool KOLD® Technology. All to ensure the right bubble and chill in your drinks. And what’s more? Whips up the cocktail you’d want, in about 60 seconds, we hear. Mic drop. 

Barysys 2.0

Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

Almost looks like a scanning machine. Or the machine librarians use to swipe out books. But it’s neither. With a sleek metal case design, automated cleaning and claims to whip out the most number of drinks under 20 seconds, this one’s quite the companion for the boozy nights. All you have to do is load the machine with five of your top favourite spirits and three mizers. Select your choice of cocktail from the Barsys app and watch the robot drink maker move left to right, dispensing the right amounts from the bottle. The light underneath keeps track or a timer to how long it’ll take before you hold your drink in hand. Not too long, clearly. But you got to wait in the line

Nostalgia Margarita & Slush Machine

Get Trippy In Style With These Cocktail Makers

The USB of the maker is that it’s perfect for a crowd. Why? Well, it can make you upto a gallon of drinks – from margaritas to pina coladas. You get to choose the input, so you can get yourself some non-alcoholic drinks too. Comes with a patented stainless-steel blending cage. Designed for easy handling and easy pouring out of the drinks. Comes out clean for clean ups and for adding extra ice in, if you may. A bit bulky to have it on the kitchen counter all the time, but hey. Should you even be drinking all the time?

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