Hide Your Booze In These Towering Caged Wigs ! 

Hair has long been more than just hair. A sign of social standing, marital status, age and whatnot, a mane is often seen as an extension of the self. The hair is the symbol of pride and that is perhaps why many cultures around the world encourage head-coverings and head-shaving. But what if you didn’t want to let go of your pride, but accept it, and bask in it? Caged Wigs by wig artist Annie Hardt are exploring post modern Rococo-style wigs. Only, with a giant twist. 

Hide Your Booze In These Towering Caged Wigs! 
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What is Rococo, you may ask? The ornate Rococo movement spread from France to the entire world in the 17rh and 18th centuries. The essence of the movement was in the French word it was derived from: rocaille, literally translating to ‘rock and shell garden ornamentation’. Rococo was a reaction against the formal and geometric Louis XIV style. One of the trademark features of this movement were the hairstyles which grew to towering sizes on women’s heads. The high, elevated hairstyles were seen as a mark of aristocracy, and would often need frames to stay. With time, they grew high enough for the need for wigs to arise. The powdered wigs would have ribbons, lace and other decoration. But, as you can imagine, this was a task. Women would sometimes go for weeks and months with the same towering wig. Seeing as the powder used on the wigs was made of flour, this invited lice and mice. 

Hide Your Booze In These Towering Caged Wigs! 
via Wikimedia Commons/François-Hubert Drouais

Caged Wigs by Annie are only inviting you to hide little things like your booze and your expensive Rolex watches though. Made using millinery wire, craft wire and mesh fabric, the next-to-weightless wig cages can easily be worn by anyone and everyone without putting too much weight on the head. 

The brain is heavy enough. 

These caged Wigs come in different shapes, and our favorite among these shapes would be the heart wig cage. But in all the wigs there are secret doorways (think hair with a pocket!) where you can store even your mobile phone! The caged wigs are similar to bird cages, the little gate like the one that will set your bird free. The entirety of these wigs is frivolous but beautiful, decorated with flowers and ribbons and pins. These wig cages can be bought directly from Hardt’s website, and if you’re looking to get a little crafty, you can also buy a caged-wig kit to make one yourself!

Wondering why on earth you would wear it?

Imagine wearing a dress that has no pockets, but you’re saved by your wig! 

Imagine using your head as a weapon only you don’t have to break your skull. 

Imagine being a dead evil queen this Halloween!

Okay, we are sold!

Find out why chefs wear towering hats.

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