How Quantum Computers Will Change The Future Of Computing

Need of Quantum Computers

From the time when Personal Computers were made everything just changed. The computers were getting better and better. Most of the works were shifting to digital which was more convenient and faster. The speed of computers is increasing with every new processor released. The companies are making the process thinner so that the speed can be increased. The processor basically consists of transistors and Logic gates which operate on binary codes and send electrons as signals. But the problem is as we are making the process thinner and thinner we will limit it when we come to the size of an electron because at atomic level quantum physics is active. The quantum mechanics is very different from the conventional level at this stage the atoms may get transferred automatically. So. This will limit us making the processor faster, but the solution is Quantum Computing.

How Quantum Computers Will Change The Future Of Computing

Why Quantum Computers are faster

The normal processors use bits as their language which can either be 0 or 1 but quantum computers will use Qubits which is transition state. It can be both 0 and 1, when you want 0 it will give a 0 signal and vice versa. So basically it means if you give a command of 1111 you can access all the 24 possible commands like 0000, 1100 etc. at the same time with no extra processing. And imagine the speed and the time saving at large commands. 

The use of Quantum Computers is not in daily life but in tasks like exploring large databases and tasks requiring high processing demands.

Quantum Computing is a technology of computing which solely focuses on developing a computer  by using the quantum phenomenon like superposition and entanglement. Quantum Computing first came into existence in the 1980s at this time though it was only a vision with no clear path to make it reality. The computers which are used for quantum computation are called Quantum Computers. Quantum Computers are proving themselves of great use by massively beating the work of even our best supercomputers. Yes, even the first generation of quantum computers will be much faster than are current supercomputers. 

How Quantum Computers Will Change The Future Of Computing

Quantum Computing has now been helping in every arena either it be cyber security or finance or weather forecasting; etc. Quantum Computing is believed to perform better than modern computing by using the quantum channeling. 

The Quantum Computing executes any task much faster than the conventional computers, as the rate of changing of atoms of Quantum Computing is much much faster than that of the traditional computing. That is why companies are spending so much money on their development. 

It will help us to solve the physics problem where the phenomenon of quantum mechanics or interrelation of materials is important. Quantum Computing also helps in drug development.   Quantum Computing will maybe help to stimulate and analyze molecules for drug development and material design. Quantum Computing has given a positive impact on every area it has touched. Alfred Turing is often credited for giving the vision of computers. He imagined computers and the potential of computers even when the digital calculators were not made.  Quantum Computers still today obey the Church-Turing thesis. Every country is racing to develop the world’s first completely working Quantum Computer. Currently China is spending billions on developing Quantum Computing.

How Quantum Computers Will Change The Future Of Computing

Quantum algorithms are way more effective at elevating some function over a large search space, which emphasizes that quantum computers could improve things like supply chain and delivery routes.  

Quantum Computing is seen as the future of the computing world. They expected to give out a lot of good outcomes and save a lot of time by their speed. 

When We Can Expect The Quantum Computers In Mainstream And How Will It Affect The Daily Lives?

How Quantum Computers Will Change The Future Of Computing

There are many prototypes of quantum computers already made. But a full fledged maximum potential working quantum computer is still a long way. Quantum computers are not very easy to build because working at the atomic level requires extreme precision. Dealing with qubits is also a challenge in itself as they are very delicate in the state of superposition(at which they are useful to us for quantum computing), this requires operating at temperature of -273o C so that there is no interference of any kind. These are the reasons that till now we have only succeeded in developing a 50 qubit quantum computer which is efficient but not enough to meet our expectation from a quantum computer.

Talking about changes that quantum computers will bring in our daily lives after being in the mainstream, there are many important changes. Quantum computers can check thousands of possibilities in a fraction of seconds. This will make their use endless. Firstly, AI would see massive improvements after the introduction of quantum computers. AI and Machine Learning will almost compete human intelligence. Weather Forecast will become much more accurate and disasters would be much more predictable. The Financial Market could be studies and economic depressions could be avoided. Cryptography and Blockchain systems will also see a boost in functioning. Complex Compiled data would be cracked much faster than the supercomputers. Blockchains will be more reliable and the data security will increase.

So, there are a lot of interesting reasons to wait for the first Quantum computer.

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