How Your Smartphone Will Look In A Few Years

The technology of smartphones has evolved a long way ever with ambient touchscreen displays, powerful cameras, and high-tech features like 3D facial recognition. A device that we used for making calls back in initial days has rapidly evolved usage. From listening to music, browsing the web, playing games, streaming movies, to what not.

You would have never believed if someone told you in 1999 about what a phone would look like in 2020. Many of the sci-fi movies back in the 1990s imagines smartphones, yes. But no one could have visualised the impact smartphones have in our lives. As you have already witnessed the massive transformation in the field of information technology, it would be much easier for you to believe about what smartphones would look like in the nearest future. Imagine wild and far far away!

Mind control

Mind control of technology and smartphones

Mind control is the next big thing predicted as the advancement of the smartphone. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have already taken over the technology space, infinite innovations revolving around it are yet to come. Mind control is one such feature that is going to occupy the smartphone within the next few years. This feature is already on its initial phase with services like Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby that allow users to interact with smartphones using voices.

The physical keypad we had on phones in the early 2000s, was eventually replaced by the touchscreens we use today. With services like Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby, we can now interact with our devices just by using our voices. The technology may evolve much faster than how touchscreens replaced the physical keyboard.

We will be able to text, control brightness, or create a movie from the videos you’ve captured all in a heartbeat. Using just our thoughts. A wearable device called AlterEgo is already on the making by scientists at MIT to let users converse with machines with their thoughts.

Colour changing feature

How Your Smartphone Will Look In A Few Years - Colour Changing

Have you ever thought about switching the exterior colour of your smartphone? It has always been tough to decide on which colour to choose for your phone. Imagine your smartphone with a glass-like transparent back that absorbs light to change colour. As you chose a colour, the phone’s back will absorb the colour of light to look as painted. This technology will take the smartphone design for a revolutionary leap so that you can adapt your phone upon your mood and outfit.

Over-the-air charging

How Your Smartphone Will Look In A Few Years - over the air charging

We all have to wait a couple of hours to get our phone charged or resort on a wireless charging pod if your phone supports it. Things will be quite different in the future so that we will have a permanent solution to the biggest problem we all face. An advancement for over-the-air charging is already in the making by a California based tech company called Energous. With this technology all we would need to charge the phone is it place it within three feet of the WattUp Mid Field transmitter. The technology would not only be for smartphones but Chromebooks, to Bluetooth headphones, and smartwatches.

Stretchable phones

How Your Smartphone Will Look In A Few Years - stretchable phones

The display technology of smartphones has come all way along to foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. The quest for what is new in display technology may soon bring flexible display smartphones in our hands. Instead of folding the phone, we will stretch the smartphone like a rubber band to expand its size. Such innovation will let you seamlessly extend display when watching a video and make it smaller to slip into your pocket. With this technology, you only need to pull/push the phone from two of its corners diagonally to adapt its size.

There is also a hope that there will be a future where we don’t need smartphones at all. The devices may undergo a revolutionary advancement so that we can perform all the tasks on a smartphone and more with what looks like regular eyeglasses. We have already witnessed devices like Google glasses, though it wasn’t a success, what is yet to come may exceed it all. The advancements in AR technology will make it possible for the glass to project a screen/image in front of you where you can watch videos, play videos. Thanks to AR technology, the glasses would project a screen/image in front of you, allowing you to watch your favourite shows, play games, or capture images featured on the glasses.

Though some of them sound creepy, earlier generations probably found Bluetooth creepy. No?

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