The Most Fashionable Thing To Be Is A Bride Who Goes Green!

A dreamy marriage with the perfect partner, perfect celebrations, and of course, the perfect dress. This is undeniably a fantasy much valued by many people. The thrill of going dress-shopping, and looking in the mirror at the divine vision you have become is enough to bring great joy to any woman.

sustainable wedding dress

But what if I told you, that you could also look your conscience gladly in the eye, and tell it that you made a dress-decision worthy of a queen? What if you had the chance to save the earth on your wedding day? Take a look at these ethical designers that really bring to life the spirit of sustainability in the bridal dress industry that is, by default, unsustainable.

Anita Dongre

This Indian-based designer is almost fierce and flamboyant in her drive for sustainability. Her entire company is centered on the principles of resource conservation, eco-friendliness, and cruelty-free practices (she’s also a vegan). Her designs have been appreciated as light and comfortable, while preserving the grandeur of a blingy Indian wedding lehenga. The brand also offers luxury cocktail dresses and intricately woven tops, perfect for a cottage-core, outdoor wedding. With the introduction of cruelty-free accessories to brighten up the bride’s face and mood, the brand is all set for sweet success.


This LA brand is already pretty famous, but its sustainable practices and eco-friendly goals act as the cherry on top. Known for having great elegant designs for all body types, and for creating dresses that naturally accentuate one’s best features, they make their pieces even more magical by producing them in a factory setting of total efficiency, environment-friendliness, and pro-social practices. A lovely fact is that the company has actually invested extensively in green infrastructure to reduce their waste, water, energy, and carbon footprint. Their transparency about their responsible customs makes them as flawless as their gorgeous wedding gown collection!

Pure Magnolia

Okay, first of all, how aesthetically pleasing is that name?! Their style and designs are even more unique and revolutionary. Relying on natural biodegradable fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp silk, and even recycled fabrics, employing worker-friendly and pro-social practices, encouraging local craftsmen in the business, and recycling all scrap fabric- these are just some of the jewels in the Pure Magnolia crown.

he brand goes all-out on creativity by blending the classic with the contemporary, and tailor-making every single gown to fit the bride and her wedding. They create a mosaic of cultures, styles, and experiences by combining European laces with Indian silks, vintage fabrics with colorful prints and whatnot. The vision of Pure Magnolia is simple- Make a dress that lasts a lifetime, something that keeps giving emotional memories to the bride and her loved ones. 

Wear Your Love

This online storefront is a dream come true for the modern bride. It incessantly emphasizes the individuality of the bride and custom-makes a dress to perfection. Most of the Wear Your Love productions are lined in eco-friendly but luxurious fabrics, such as organic cotton knit or the softest bamboo, making them an excellent fit for brides with ethical considerations. You can choose to make your dress ‘vegan’ too, by replacing an animal-based cloth with more cruelty-free, synthetic options.

The brand believes in a low waste policy and prevents mass-production by making each dress in order – a dress literally made just for you! Aside from having such incredible ecological consciousness, this brand takes a step forward by introducing body-hugging comfort even in an extravagant dress. The stretchy fabric allows a bride to fully let loose with joy, and be comfortable enough to take a bazillion stunning wedding photos. It is a special day after all, and she must live it to the fullest!

Stella McCartney

And who better to include in this list than a celebrity of fashion herself! Coming from a famous family, Stella McCartney earned her name and fame with responsible and sustainable success. She became one of the first environmentally conscious dress designers by addressing the main issue of waste- a wedding gown is worn only once. Her vision is to create dresses that do not get burnt or end up in landfills, but retain such utility that they may be worn on countless occasions.

With a legacy of creativity and activism on her side, McCartney went on to revolutionize one of the most polluting industries on earth, making sustainability, veganism, and pro-environmental customs the cornerstones of her company. She uses materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, and regenerated cashmere for her pieces, setting herself apart in an industry dominated by cruelty for the sake of obtaining leather and fur. Her ideology of green activism resounds with all of us, and who better to approve of it than the Duchess of Sussex, who donned an astounding Stella McCartney sustainable wedding dress for her wedding reception!

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