Meet The Matsés: A Feline-Looking Amazon Tribe

We sure are watching the world get ahead of its time with every new groundbreaking discovery and mind-numbing invention. Our medical system might be an expensive one, but the potential it carries is commendable. People are living a better life than how they used to just a few decades ago. And we are inches away from finally sending a fellow human to another planet. But all this glitter cannot hide that society is still filled with many beautiful and strong tribes around the world. There are several tribal people who are quite happy with what they have and are sustaining the ways that were taught to them by their ancestors. There might be a few setbacks, but they are some strong-willed people that survived for generations and will continue to do so. This article is about one such tribe in Brazil – The Matsés. They are also living on their own terms but what stands out the most for them is their identity which is quite close to our furry friends, the cats! Yes, you got that correct.

Who are the Matsés?

The Matsés is a tribe from the beautiful river of Yavari of Peru and Brazil. The tribe is also called Mayorunas, and the people here are often referred to as the ‘cat people’! The reason behind is as adorable as it sounds. The people of this tribe can be seen with ‘whiskers’ and face tattoos! Yes, which makes it more wholesome because they are excellent in hunting as well. Clearly, they own it, being called the cat people, don’t they? Their whiskers are made of bamboo sticks in tribute to their totem animal-the jaguar. Wait, you did not think that we were talking about natural whiskers here, did you? There are around 2200 Matses residing near the Yavari River, and the majority of them are in Peru. The tribe only joined the modern world in 1969. But they are still going strong by holding their culture as a priority. As mentioned above, the tribe has excellent hunting skills, especially when it comes to using bows and arrows. Most of their economy depends on these hunting and fishing skills. The people of this tribe are also well-skilled when it comes to traditional medicine and its knowledge. It basically makes them less dependent on the outside world. Unlike many other tribes that in some way or another involved with the outsiders. Well, if independence has a face, it sure would be theirs.

But not everything is as smooth as it sounds!

They might be self-sufficient because of their medical knowledge and hunting skills. And thanks to their legal title that comprises them of 453735 hectares of land along Yavari, Yaquerana, and Galvez River, they have access to many things to sustain their life. But it still does not counter the fact that the people of this tribe are facing health problems like malaria and hepatitis. The tribe is also living in poverty, and this is affecting their quality of life. 

However, their strict belief in their ethics and ways of living is what still motivates them to live on and fight to improve their ways. So, what do you think about it? Do you think that somewhere we are also responsible for a declining life on the earth in general, which is also affecting the people who are still close to nature? Or is it just that some flexibility with the modern ways is becoming necessary to obtain better chances of survival?

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