10 Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Anime Husband!

Hey weebs, how is it going? How is everything with the perfect partner imagination? Yeah, obviously, we all know that we often think about having our favourite anime characters as our partners, correct? After all, there are just so many of them that will make a perfect life partner. Anyways, so if you struggling with the same thought as of now. Allow us to suggest to you some perfect anime husbands! We have especially hand-picked these characters who will be perfect husbands to be by your side. The list is short, and the charters are many. So, there will be a lot of names missing. So don’t be offended for missing out on some legendary names. Also, they are not ranked, so please don’t go on a fight about who and why did they take first place or anything like that. Okay, with that being said, let’s get back to our perfect anime husband, shall we?

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Uzumaki Naruto

We have millions of reasons to put him in the first place. Let’s start with the obvious one. Naruto is one of the most sweetest characters that we have ever seen. The fact that he has faced some real sad back story makes him mature in the most beautiful way. Not to forget that our baby is an absolute goofball with some next-level powers. So he sure will make you laugh the whole day long. Also, the looks are obvious- do we even need to mention that?

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Itadori Yuji

Okay, this one is obvious to be on this list. He might be a Jennifer Lawrence simp, but who doesn’t have a celebrity crush. We know Itadori will be one of the cutest people be around who will go you any lengths to make you happy. He is a simple head, but that’s what makes him purer to be a life partner. Not to forget those cute looks. Oh, and yeah, you will also get the complimentary hot Sukuna. 

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!


First of all, you will be literally marrying the strongest human possible. Secondly, your house will always shine spotless! Levi has it all. Anyone will be way too lucky to have Levi as their partner. He might hide his feelings at first, but he surely will eventually open up. And no, he won’t tell you to give up on your dreams and die. That was just a one-time thing. It ultimately changed into “don’t die on me”. So yeah, lucky you.

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Gojo Satoru

Do we even need to explain this one? You must be the luckiest person alive if you are with him- as his partner! Gojo is the very definition of a dream boy. Yes, he is sensitive, so he won’t be a cold-hearted stone. He is a total goofball, so laughs are guaranteed. No one will even think of troubling you. After all, he is the strongest. And don’t even ask to start about those looks. The guy is just perfect. Not the forget the eyes! If looks could kill had a face, it would be of Gojo. 

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Kuroo Tetsuro

The perfect guy anyone can ever dream of being with- is Kuroo. First of all, he is surely a smarty-pants of his school. Otherwise, what’s with that vocabulary full of extremely complex chemistry jargon. Second, he is an athlete! Athlete guys are surely gold when it comes to dating. So, actually marrying him is even better. And those bedhead hair are going to kill you. He sure looks crazy handsome in that hairstyle. A perfect combination of cute and gorgeous. 

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

William James Moriarty

Okay, he might be a crime consultant, but love is about accepting people with their flaws, correct? Plus, the guy has literally no other flaw at all. He is a mathematician with an impressive IQ. He regards people as people and wants equality in society, so the moral ground is covered as well. He has the most charming smile, and his eyes alone can rule the simp-land for sure. Not to forget, he is actually a really loving guy. We saw that throughout the series. 

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Todoroki Shoto

If innocence had a face, it would surely have been of Shoto. He did come out as emotionally blunt at first, but it took no time for him to turn into a caring guy for his close ones. He might not be good at flirting since we think he might not get that, but you can cover that for him, correct? Plus, he sure is strong and has some of the best powers in his anime. And, of course, the looks. Well, that goes without saying. 

10 Male Anime Characters You’d Love To Call Your Husband!

Killua Zoldyck

Or can we call him the little Kakashi and Gojo version? Killua is one of the cutest and hottest characters out there. He is known for his sharp brain. So, to have him as your partner is nothing but a blessing. He sure is caring and has high regard for people that he considers close to him. Plus, please don’t make us start about his looks because then this article will never end. And about his powers, well, he is one of the best hunters and assassins for a reason, correct?

Bokuto Kotaro

Do we even need to explain this one? The guy is an international-level athlete. He is considered the ace of his team. Has one of the most killer looks with an unforgettable body. Is too sweet to ever hurt you. And is way too sensitive. Do we still need to go on? Having Bokuto as your partner will be nothing but a beautiful blessing, and we can promise that. His simple nature and innocent mind are what make him a perfect life partner. 

Akabane Karma

What sort of blessing did you get to have Karma as your life partner. The guy is perfect in every way. He is too sharp for this world, we are telling you. The best in his class when it comes to fighting as well. And not to forget that killer look. And yes, his personality is gold as well. He might come across as a bit annoying at first if you do not click with him at the start. But you will, without a doubt, fall for him eventually. 

Of course, the list is missing way too many people who could be a perfect partner. But since we are going for just 10 guys as of now, please pardon us for not including your favourites that deserve a place here. They are not ranked or something, each one of them is just perfect. So, which one among them has your heart?

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