Men, Here’s How To Look Your Best On A First Date

Every man wants to be in his best looks when on a first date. With an organized wardrobe, you could decide on the perfect attire even just 15 minutes before you have to leave. You need to necessarily have an idea in advance about what you will wear on your first date. It is true that it is easier for men than women to put together an outfit, but there are many common ways in which you go wrong in making the first impression. We have rounded up some of the important things that you need to look your best on a first date and make the best possible impression!

Go for the perfect fit

Men, Here's How To Look Your Best On A First Date

How well your clothes fit on your body is much more important than how expensive they are. Loose or baggy outfits have to be avoided as they distract your date and can make a wrong first impression. The best way to dress up for a first date is with a fitted silhouette that hugs your body yet is not too constricting. You can also look for a tailored dinner jacket, straight-leg jeans or a slim button-down shirt.

The smallest of the details matters

Men, Here's How To Look Your Best On A First Date

It can be the smallest of the details that can be noticed the most, so you should make sure that every minute aspect of your looks is on point. Make sure that every last wrinkle crease is ironed out, every last piece of lint is brushed away and that just 2 or 3 buttons on your shirt are left open. This will make you feel much more confident on your date, and get appreciated by your date for your grooming aesthetics.

Get grooming, but not on the same day 

Men, Here's How To Look Your Best On A First Date

The easiest way to go wrong with grooming is doing it on the important day. Between the rush and getting things right, the focus you need to shave, trim, or style your hair will get lost. If you like keeping it clean, shave a day or two prior to your date to get that perfect 5 o’ clock shadow. If you’re a bearded guy, trim a day or two prior to let your beard even out. 

Adapting this strategy will help you in making sure you avoid those nasty cuts. If, by chance, you happen to give yourself one anyway, your injury will have the time to get better that it needs. 

Take the venue into consideration 

Men, Here's How To Look Your Best On A First Date

It is important that you plan an appropriate outfit based on the venue of your date, whether it is a dive bar or a fine dining restaurant. The occasion matters a lot for being in your perfect looks. Your date will also be dressing up by keeping the location in mind and expecting the same from you. Complementing each other with the clothes you wear is an important part of your first date experience.

Present your best self

Men, Here's How To Look Your Best On A First Date

Other than your physical appearance, there are some other things that can make you stand out sharp on your first date. The most important of this is to be on time or even 5 minutes early so that they will see you when they arrive. Remember to put your cell phone away from your sight to avoid the temptation to check it. Have a couple of plans beforehand for later in the evening. Above all, it is important that you have your go-to date night look ready in your wardrobe.

Are you ready to look your best on a first date?

Now you know how to look your best on a first date, but if you want to your best everyday, read this.

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