New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Loving Nursing Bond

The powerful longing for the past has driven humans to come up with inventions that can accurately capture what occurred. From photography and videography to scents reminiscent of yesterday, puissant nostalgia meets us all in one form or the other, reminding us of how things were. These little keepsakes ground us, allowing us to meet ourselves as we were, as things around us were. Cherishing the fulfilling struggle of breastfeeding – the beauteous bond between a mother and a child that entwines them for life – Safiyyah and Adam Riyadh came up with a way of preserving the unearthly connection with their breast milk jewelry. 

New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Nursing Bond
via Magenta Flowers

The stigma around breast milk and public breastfeeding can prompt one to think that the concept is bizarre; it is, however, just a way of preserving the sentimental connection shared by two lives.

New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Nursing Bond
via Magenta Flowers

Safiyyah understands this very well. A mother of three children, Riyadh is well aware of how much a struggle breastfeeding can be, and how utterly fulfilling. This is what prompted her to create a way through which mothers, desirous of preserving the cherished and assiduous breastfeeding journey, could have a constant reminder of this phase and their pride in it.

New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Nursing Bond
via Magenta Flowers

Preserving a fluid like breast milk was no easy task. Riyadh researched how breast milk jewelry could be made; how, being perishable, breast milk could retain its color. Over the time spent researching, she came across the process of dehydrating breast milk and then combining it with non-yellowing resin to ensure a long life for the jewelry, the stone and the memory.

New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Nursing Bond
via Magenta Flowers

Safiyyah and Adam Riyadh’s company, Magenta Flowers, had been operating since 2019 and had been able to fulfill over four thousand orders. However, when the makers released their new wearable keepsake invention, the breast milk jewelry, demands rose sky high.

New Breast Milk Jewelry Preserves The Nursing Bond
via Magenta Flowers

Mothers across the world wanted to preserve their own unique breastfeeding periods. The customized piece of jewelry ensured you would get exactly what you desire. Customisation allowed the audience to add a little character or keep the stone classic, it all depended on their taste and feelings. Mothers could also choose to get the name of their baby engraved for a forever celebration of motherhood. For those who did not breastfeed their inklings, the sentimental value of the jewelry remained the same. Time spent nursing – through the body or a bottle – is time spent bonding with a child. Breast milk jewelry thus aims to preserve the entirety of the nursing phase. 

via Magenta Flowers

The world loves Magenta Flowers’ breast milk jewelry. Mothers have ordered bespoke pendants, rings, necklaces, charms and earrings. The company is expecting a turnover of £1.5 million by 2023. If you ponder over the significance of these wearable keepsake arrests, the fact isn’t surprising at all. 

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