Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

When stepping out of the door, you should always find time between everything to ensure the perfect style. You may feel grooming every morning is the trickiest and most frustrating task amidst balancing your career and family. The truth is that you can unlock the next level of fashion with just a handful of fashion secrets. With the right fashion secrets, you will master the art of getting perfectly dressed every day. Look at our breakdown of the best fashion advice in 10 points – advice experts everywhere swear by. 

 Maintain harmony

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

We all love flaunting our beautiful bodies, but when it comes to the not-so-loved areas, things can get.a little nasty. Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable with an aspect of your body, you can always learn how to make it look more pleasant. You can do this by adding opposite volume, like wearing wide-leg trousers to offset a heavier upper half. Avoid anything oversized as it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are pear-shaped, pairing black pants can help bring the focus upward with a bold scarf.

Go for age-appropriate trends

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

If you want to avoid revealing your skin while wearing a trendy outfit, you can choose to pair a longer top with a crop top over it or a high-waisted skirt with a shirt that hits at the navel. These kinds of combinations will give you a similar look if you never want to seem like you are trying to look younger or uncomfortable with your age.

Look slimmer with the right bra

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

The fitting of your dress can largely depend on where your breasts sit on your chest. You can make your silhouette look slimmer from every angle by wearing a bra that fits properly between your elbows and shoulders. Make sure that there is no wrinkling or gapping in the cups, the front panel lays flat and the bra is not hiking up or creating bulges. If you’re not sure you’re wearing your size right, this is how you can find your true fit.

Avoid being too matchy

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

It is always better to pair colors or patterns that enhance one another rather than just matching. Colors that are opposite each other on a simple color wheel can be paired to complement each other. You can go for fetching combos like orange with navy or purple with saffron. Another way to avoid being too matchy-matchy is by diversifying the color and texture of your accessories.

One at a time

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

To be in the right styles mix what you’re going to be revealing.  If you are focusing on the cleavage while wearing a low-cut dress, avoid showing bare arms and legs. This technique applies to the fitting as well, with a body-hugging dress having a more sensible neckline and hem or choosing a short skirt to be flared rather than tight. This will allow you to be stylish without being too flashy.

Have your wardrobe ready with as much of basics

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

One of the best fashion advice anyone will give you is to have some staple classics in your closet. You can get plenty of quality options at affordable prices for your wardrobe staples such as tees, button-downs, and jeans. It is always important that you go for better fabrics rather than just looking for cheaper ones. You should remember that an outfit that you think to be a cheaper version can wear off quickly and you will have to spend more to replace it. Spending a little more only once is quite better than keeping on replacing outfits more often.

Create your own style

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

Zeroing in on some foolproof looks for yourself can help you make it your go-to theme that you seek variations for. You just need to identify the outfits that you’re most comfortable in or ask someone close to you. Once you’ve figured out what works best for you, you can create different combinations. 

Everyone should own a classic white shirt

Noting Down The Best Fashion Advice In 10 Points

Have your wardrobe always ready with a pure white shirt, so that you can pair it with a bold lipstick with a blue undertone to make your teeth look yellow in comparison. A white button-up shirt with darting at the waist or curved princess seams shirt is sure to give you a feminine hourglass shape. While picking a white shirt you should be sure that the shoulder seams line up with your shoulders so that there is no pulling across the front or the back.

Mix and match

When mixing prints and patterns make sure that you look as confident and chic rather than as you got dressed in the dark. You can get that look by mixing and matching outfits preferably of similar color family and same background shade. Polka dots with stripes of florals or leopard print with a non-critter pattern or paisley with squares or checks can typically go well together. You should avoid pairing two large-scale prints together as they compete for dominance and distract others.

Pair jewelry that highlights your features

Any jewelry that you wear with your outfit should accentuate your face shape. If you have a ridged face, wearing long earrings can make it look skinnier and chunky earnings can draw focus outward for those with an oblong face. The necklace should hit an inch above the cleavage if you have a large bust. If you want your face to look more radiant you can choose light-coloured earrings.

These were the 10 bits of best fashion advice to make sure that you are not overdoing your outfits. Keep these points in mind next time when you’re styling up or adding to your wardrobe.

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