Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan

Located in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a famous tourist destination for its scenic mountains, beautiful valleys and distinctive architecture. The country’s capital city, Thimphu is top among the places that have quite a lot of places to see and things to do. With snow-capped peaks, sacred spots, and tourist destinations lined up along the beautiful Raidak valley, the city offers many things that promise you a delightful journey.

Here are some of the great ideas to get closer to the immaculate beauty and diverse history of the city.

Best time to travel to Thimphu

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Crstopher J. Fynn

Are you wondering when is the best time to visit Thimphu? You can experience clear skies and pleasant weather during the time between September and November. Autumn begins in the month of September which is considered one of the best times to visit the city.

You’ll love Thimphu If…

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan

Planning a trip to Thimphu is a no-brainer for anyone who loves mountains and hiking. A destination is a perfect option that you shouldn’t have any second thoughts about when it comes to budget constraints. Thimphu is a nature’s paradise that offers lots of unique sightseeing experiences and things to do. The destination has something in store for everyone, be it beautiful scenic hikes, travel along adventure-filled cycling routes or indulge in scrumptious cuisine.

How to get to Thimphu?

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Douglas J. McLaughlin

If you are traveling by air, the easiest way to get to Thimphu is from Paro, wherein lies the country’s only international airport. This town is marely 50 km away. You can catch a bus, hire a taxi or rent a car to reach Thimphu.

Where should you head to?

Thimphu is a favorite spot among travelers for its traditional Bhutanese culture and its historical restorations. The city will add to your travel experience with its beautiful architecture, stunning wall paintings and clean and crowded streets. Here are some of the places that make it a top pick for travelers:

Dochula Pass

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Jangchu Lham

The Dochula Pass, popularly known as Dochu La, is a mountain pass located between Thimphu and Punakha Districts in Bhutan. You will fall in love with its place that has its own scenic charm in the winters. The destination gives you the best panoramic view of the snow-capped Eastern Himalayas. The place is also known for its War Memorial “108 Stupas” made in honor of the soldiers who were killed in the Bhutanese War.

Buddha Dordenma

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Eichmann

This gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha statue in the mountains of Bhutan houses over one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues made of bronze and gilded in gold. The site which is one of the top tourist attractions in Thimphu city offers a stunning view over the Thimphu Valley.

Tashichho Dzong

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Vinayaraj

The Tashichho Dzong is a must-visit place in Thimphu that offers you a glance at the beautiful architecture of the country. The place is open to the public from 5 pm till 6:30 pm when the fortress looks pretty in the lights.

Bhutan Post Office Headquarters

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/KuehlWick01

The Bhutan Postal Museum located in the Bhutan post office headquarters gives a really informative and indulging experience with historical detailing and a section on the evolution of Dzongkha alphabets. You can get a photo on your phone converted into stamps at the post office.

Thimphu Chorten

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Supreet02

The Thimphu Chorten, also known as Memorial Chorten is famous for its elegant architecture, wall carvings, and sculptures that depict the Buddhist culture. It is one of the few Chortens that allows you inside and the atmosphere around the Stupa is peaceful and relaxing.

You shouldn’t miss…

Thimphu offers you a lot of activities to keep you soaked in absolute fun and frolic. If you are already in Bhutan or planning to visit, here is a list of things to do in Thimphu, to make your holiday more memorable.

Druk Path trekking

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Jean-Marie Hullot

If you love trekking, then you should plan your trip between September and November, so that you can trek on the ancient trading routes taken by the local Bhutanese people centuries ago. This five-day-long trek starting from Ta Dzong and Damchena village in Paro takes you through some of the beautiful routes that connect the valleys of Paro and Thimphu.

Shopping at the Weekend Market

Places To See: Thimphu In Bhutan
via Wikimedia Commons/Christopher J. Fynn

One of the most fun-filled activities to do in Thimphu would be shopping at the weekend market in Chhogyal Lam. You can shop for different goods and try a host of Bhutanese delicacies anytime on a Saturday or Sunday. The items with the most demand are wild honey, dried fish, homemade cheese, saffron, and incense sticks. 

Eating at Cloud 9 restaurant

via Wikimedia Commons/rapidtravelchai

One of the best activities Thimphu has for foodies is to try out some yummy dishes at Cloud9 restaurant. This modern up-market restaurant located in the center of Thimphu is famous among the foodies for its handcrafted burgers, local beer, and wood oven pizza. The place is open from 9 am till 10 pm and serves appetizers, international cuisine, and wine.

Attending a concert at Clock Tower square

via Wikimedia Commons/Asithmahat

If you are looking for some entertainment in Thimphu then head to the Clock Tower Square situated in the center of Thimphu and enjoy watching a concert. Most of the open-air shows and concerts of Thimphu are conducted at Clock Town Square.

Look out for…

The Thimphu Festival

one of the foremost reasons anyone visits Bhutan is tonattend the Thimphu festival and look deeper at Buddhist culture.

via Wikimedia Commons/אבנר אילנאי

Trekking groups and packages 

To make your trekking experience fuller and more fun, look for groups and packages. You’ll meet people from around the world on your trek.

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