Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers

The first settlements and civilisations were by rivers. The ample water provided life and livelihood, and even when we drift away from these rivers today, the proof of what life was in the past can still be found when we view them. Across the globe, in different lands, celebrated by diverse cultures are some of the most scenic rivers of the world that our lives are incomplete without seeing. Today we urge you to plan your itinerary to sight-see 5 such rivers. 

Kenai river, Alaska, USA

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
via Wikimedia Commons/Evb-wiki

The longest river in the Kenai Peninsula of southcentral Alaska the Kenai river has often been called the world’s greatest sportfishing river. When planning a trip to Alaska, it is ideal to spend at least three days sight-seeing the entirety of the river. The turquoise waters of the river runs through the Kenai lake through whitewater and canyons. If you like your fish big, this is the perfect place to catch one. 

Nile river, Egypt 

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
via Wikimedia Commons/Samemera

From fables to myths, the Egyptian Nile holds an exemplary importance in our world. The longest river in Africa, the Nile, is controlled entirely by Egypt, although only 22% of the river actually flows through the country. While visiting the Nile in Egypt, the perfect moment would be chasing the sunset along the waters. We also recommend a small cruise. 

Volga river, Russia 

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
via Wikimedia Commons/Redboston

The longest and perhaps one of the most enchanting rivers in Europe, the Volga has been claimed as a national symbol by the Russians. Around 60% of the water present in the Volga comes from melting snow, and over two hundred tributaries flow into the river. If you happen to go to the Russian capital of Moscow, it will only take you a few hours to come face to face with the Volga. 

Ganges river, India 

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
via Wikimedia Commons/Prashant Chauhan

The Ganges of India has been a part of sacred rituals for thousands of years. The river has the most densely populated basin in the world, and millions of tourists and worshippers flock to it every year to take a dip, a sip, and undergo purification. Even though the river was heavily polluted for decades, recent initiatives by the country to curb this pollution are working to cleanse the water. The river passes through multiple Indian states, but if you’re looking for a religious itinerary, the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the best. 

Caño Cristales river, Columbia 

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
Fotografía: Mario Carvajal (, Licenciada con Creative Commons 3.0 Unported, usted puede usar esta imagen en cualquier proyecto, inclusive con fines comerciales, siempre y cuando otorgue el crédito de autoría y el vínculo hacia el proyecto

No one has lived a complete life till they have seen the Caño Cristales of Columbia. Dubbed the ‘liquid rainbow’ and the ‘river of five colors’, this tributary of Guayabero is called the most beautiful river of the world. 

The Caño Cristales is located in Columbia’s La Macarena national park, and is the most spectacular river in the country.  When planning a trip to Columbia, you simply cannot miss this extraordinary wonder of nature. 

Thames river, United Kingdom

Plan Your Itinerary To Sight-See The Most Beautiful Rivers
via Wikimedia Commons/Stephen McKay

The longest river in England, Thames, is also known as river Isls.  The river begins at Thames Head in Gloucestershire and flows across London, crossing small towns like Oxford and Windsor, and finally empties into the North Sea. An annual championship, the Boat Race, is held here every year on the last Sunday of March or the first Sunday of April. 

Rio Cahabón river, Guatemala

via Wikimedia Commons/Elemaki

The Rio  Cahabón in the central American country, Guatemala, is famous all over the world for the adventure water sports it offers and is perfect for. The river flows Lanquín to the pools of Semuc Champey, and on its path dots the country with incredibly beautiful wild jungles, dens, waterfalls and more. If you head to the river, you cannot miss whitewater rafting and kayaking.

These were the 7 most beautiful rivers that you need to see at least once in your life. Which of them made it to your bucket list? Tell us in the comments below!

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