Programming Languages Of Present & Future

What Are Programming Languages?

Languages are means of communication so are the programming languages. Programming languages allow us to communicate with machines, especially computers. Since the machines only understand binary systems of codes which consists of only  0’s and 1’s. Programming languages are a set of instructions and functions which can be understood by humans and can be easily translated by the computers in the binary system.

What Are The Uses Of Programming Languages?

Programming Languages Of Present & Future

Programming languages are used everywhere today. The primary uses are Website development, Application development, Game development, Software development etc. So programming languages are currently the backbone  of the IT industry and Digital Industry. 

If you are planning to learn a new language for a job or personal use you must select the language wisely. The language should be future proof and not an outdated one. So here is a list of programming languages for the future.


Programming Languages Of Present & Future

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple, it replaced objective C. The developers complained about the language Objective C  so apple gave them a better choice. Swift is a young language, it was first released in 2014. But, the language has gained popularity in these years especially among the iOS developers. Swift has a cleaner syntax and beginner friendly. The language is supported on all apple platforms along with Windows and Android. The language has a lot of potential to be explored.


Programming Languages Of Present & Future

Which is an abbreviation of Golang is a language developed by Google in 2007. Google designed an object oriented language but much more simpler. The language combines qualities of popular languages like C++, Python and Javascript. The language is ideal for working on complex applications. The language can also be used in AI and Blockchains due to its Multi-threading abilities. The language is quite reliable due to its static typing and beginner friendly because of its syntax.


Programming Languages Of Present & Future

The language was launched in 1993, but still it is a very future proof language. R was designed to help the statisticians and Scientists to work on large amounts of data. The language is preloaded with features like statistical algorithms. It is supported by all the major operating systems like macOS, Linux and Windows. The language is very helpful for the Data Scientists to do data analysis and statistical calculations. The language also has a great library just like python.


Programming Languages Of Present & Future

Developed by google the language is quite useful. The language can be used to develop apps for both iOS and Android. This was released in 2013 and is used by many developers now. The language is easy to learn and offers high performance. The programs made by using DART run faster than programs made by using other popular languages. One of its unique features is that it can be compiled in AOT or JIT Compilation.


Programming Languages Of Present & Future

This language was released in 2004. This is the only language on the list which is not an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Language. It is a Functional Programming(FP) Language where each function is well defined. This particular language is best known because it combines best of both OOP and FP languages. The language can run on JVM and uses libraries of Java language which makes this universal to an extent. The language is easy to optimise and develops better programs.


This was a list of 5 programming languages which will be extensively used in future. Although languages like Java, Javascript, python, C#, C++ will not get thrown away so easily. But the languages mentioned above will be the most used ones due to their advanced features and superiority over other existing languages. There are many other languages under development and we will talk about them in some other article.

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