Prophesying The Future Of Art In 10 Trends

Art is a subjective field by nature and it is difficult to define what it constitutes and what it doesn’t. A simple magazine ad can be a piece of art to someone while others may think that “real” art is something much deeper. It is hard to define what art is today, but we can already prophesy the future of art world.

The art world has played a great role in connecting people throughout history. It is a common factor that humans in every society, culture and race have used to express themselves and share experiences since the beginning of time. The way in which we discover, purchase and connect with art continues to change in a way to provide a richer experience for art lovers. Look at the 10 important ways in which the future of art is set to unfold.

Online expansion of the art market

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

With a captive online audience, the design market has been strong and more growing than ever. Websites and auction companies are experiencing relatively higher online sales of art in recent years. The global pandemic has stimulated the need for the art market to move online and helped grow up in the market. More than 10 per cent of art sales are happening online as people get to know and experience art objects in a whole new way. Online sales continue to bring most of the new buyers with 60 percent of the total number of new buyers. With just 9 per cent of a total $64 billion in global sales online sales still occupy a small share of the overall art market. The rising trend of making art business private increases online sales, particularly in the auction market.

Virtualisation of performance arts

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

The quarantine days have seen people from various parts of the world tuning in to watch and share feedback on artists’ performing virtually at an opera house, theater or even at their home. Virtual performance art is becoming more appealing and acceptable even though it doesn’t give much presence and real-time connection between the artist and audiences. Theatre plays and musical concerts have been broadcasted following the success of cinemas through streaming services for years. Theater companies are trying to experiment with the possibilities of the virtual world to reach out to wider audiences and business opportunities.

Collaboration of art and science

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

While scientists are working on climate change among many other issues, artists are also doing their part to convey complicated matters. Art academies and companies are ambitious about devising research-intensive artworks to bring awareness to the changes that the world is going through and the problems it will cause. Various efforts are underway to bring together scientific collaborators into an artistic fold to explore artistic connections with medical and scientific holdings. This will be a great opportunity to show how the world exists at the intersection of art and science

Collectivity and collaboration

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

The art world allows you to pose questions about our collective belongingness. Various artists and art organizations are realizing the necessity for coming together to help support fellow operations of various sizes. There is a vast opportunity for collaboration in the future with the experience of connecting, introducing and reaching out to different networks. The art world suddenly realized that we belong to one world and one planet. Collective endeavors are at their peak in recent years with unique ideas and platforms enabling the collaboration of small and mid-tier art operations.

Art galleries vs. Auction houses

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

The battle between art galleries and auction houses is becoming more evident than ever, with some top-quality art pieces not going to major auction houses but to the collective collaboration between mega galleries who would split them up and sell them on their own. Art advisors see this as a precedent for a battle between art galleries and the ever more powerful auction houses. This battle is expected to be executed in other art estates and would be a big blow for the auction houses.

Greener art shipping

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

Art is an industry that is most concerned about reducing carbon footprints. Art businesses including galleries and auction houses are exploring smart and sustainable shipping products that are safe for the environment. Businesses like Gagosian Gallery and Sotheby’s have been using packaging products built with lightweight recycled or recyclable materials and can be used hundreds of times. These innovations will make the art world more sophisticated, less burdensome, cheaper, and easier.

Artists shifting to eco-friendly materials

Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

Artists are getting more aware of using materials that make sense in not harming the planet. The art world is concerned about the ecological consequence of the way it operates, particularly with the materials artists use to make their world. The rising demand for art that is considerate about the planet has influenced artists, scientists, musicians, poets and interdisciplinary thinkers to propose projects where ecology is at the heart of everything they do. Nowadays more art galleries are trying to propagate the idea of compassion by choosing to go vegan by serving cauliflower steaks and tofu tacos. There are many mega-galleries that adopted a green trend owing to moral choices and environmental sustainability.


Prophesying The Future Of Art World In 10 Trends

Artists will have more flexibility to move up, down and sideways when it comes to making deals with various mega-galleries. This will advantage both artists and galleries in retaining relationships at different scales. Artists can retain a longer connection with their former dealers when moving to a new gallery. This trend of having a strategic partnership with artists has taken a major leap as supersized galleries are developed in multiple locations globally. There will be more movement in this trend as galleries and artists can expand their potential to attract different skill sets, different connections, networks and thoughts about strategy.

Multilingual art museums

Art museums are the place that brings the world to the city’s art, so it is important to make sure that people are welcomed and accepted despite their language. Many art museums aim to become bilingual by ensuring that all their signage, wall text, catalogs and online offerings are available in major languages. Multilingual communications will continue to grow by generating awareness and desire for engagement with wider audiences.

Commissioning of more artists

Artists play an important role in reimagining or aiding institutional artworks in a creative way. We have recently seen many art museums inviting further collaborations with contemporary artists by commissioning new works. These collaborative efforts will help aid the storage facilities for museum holdings to keep art alive. Artists have a unique way of understanding that makes them consider the holdings of a museum as a resource rather than a mere collection of objects. With art museums commissioning more artists, they will be able to explore deeper knowledge and longer histories.

Apart from these ten trends, there are many other ways that the art world will evolve in the future. Art lovers will be looking for opportunities to understand the story, process and inspiration behind the piece of work. The potential of social networks keeps on expanding to give more discoverability, human interaction and storytelling of art.

What are your thoughts about the future of art and art world? Tell us below!

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