Scary Or Effective? Snake Massages For All Those Who Fancy Adventure!

The latest trend in bizarre massages is the one with snakes. Netizens are going crazy over the viral videos of influencers trying this trend. Considering composure and health benefits, people believe that snake massages are extremely effective. But how daring do you have to be to try them out?

Ever imagined your childhood nightmares wriggling up your faces and backs? Yes! We were expecting that squirm:). But for real, how would you like a bundle of snakes crawling up and down your body while you lay down and de-stress your nerves? Without the fear of being bitten or poisoned, of course!

Snake massage might sound creepy and glide-y at first, but with proper precautions and care, this can be a thrilling experience!

Massage process explained

The snakes are initially washed and then dried thoroughly. The supervising masseur has to make sure that the snakes are clean and dry before allowing them onto the customer’s body. After all the preparation, snakes are kept on the customer’s back, torso, face, or any other body part as desired.

 These naginis move around the body and sometimes may use their tongue as well, which results in a ticklish feeling. The supervisors don’t leave the room in order to to guide their snakes to wriggle over the appropriate body area. This also ensures that both the client and the snakes are safe. The session lasts for 20-40 minutes as per the customer’s preferences. 

Types of snakes used

Initially, for core massages, huge pythons are used. Two or three of the masseurs are required to hold the pythons and move them across the body in case of a full body massage. Pythons are considered the longest and largest snakes. These are non-venomous snakes and are found in rainforests, deserts, and savannas. 

For the rest of the session, anywhere between 5 to 25 snakes are left to rein the customer’s body. Their sizes range from extremely small to medium-sized to comparatively long. Different sizes, species and techniques depend on the region, atmosphere and the people in charge.

Benefits of snake massage

A fairly common benefit of this unusual way of pampering yourself are the relaxation of tensed body muscles and joints. Snake massage has psychological and physical benefits as well. It helps in releasing feel-good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. Physical benefits are improved blood circulation and mental stimulation.

Scary Or Effective? Snake Massages For All Those Who Fancy Adventure!

Some researchers have claimed that benefits of this type of massage also helps in pain relief. Fear while having snakes crawl up your backs enhances the experience because of the constant rush of adrenaline. At the end of this period, people have claimed that they feel far more relaxed and relieved. 

Safety first!

Scary Or Effective? Snake Massages For All Those Who Fancy Adventure!

When it comes to having creatures reign over your body, safety is extremely important. This applies to humans as well as snakes. It is advised to not make sudden jerky movements during the massage therapy and lay in a relaxed position. Shouting at the snakes is also not allowed as it confuses them and makes them think you are the predator.

Do not blow over the snakes as it is painful for them. Allow them to move slowly over your body without restrictions to have a calm and soothing experience. There is no chance of being bitten as their mouths are taped shut.

Offered where?

In places namely Jakarta, Israel, Philippines, New York, Egypt, etc., Snake massages are widespread. The Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines is offering free massages to its customers. Other places that stand true to this trend are Russia, Thailand and Brazil.

The price of this ranges from $6 to $45 depending on the place, demand, and public response. This therapeutic practice began in 2013 and has left people stunned due to its unconventional perception and considerate benefits.

With the process explained, this seems to us like it could be one of the most adventurous things to be done in life. Do you think this could pass as a relaxation technique, though? Share your thoughts!

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