The New Facebook Copyright Tool Is Here. Should You Be Worried?

Facebook has introduced a new tool that will enable you to protect and manage your photos across both Facebook and Instagram. The newly launched ‘Rights Manager for Images’ allow rights holders with access to content-matching technology similar to their tool for combating stolen videos. Creators and publishers will be able to assert control over their intellectual property across Facebook and Instagram as well as when the image is embedded on an external website with this new feature available in Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Rights Manager for Images

The is new Facebook Copyright tool is similar to its existing Rights Manager for video content, where creators can take control over their images by providing Facebook with a copy of the images they want to protect, as well as a CSV file with image metadata. The Rights Manager uses these images will be uploaded to a reference library to locate matches across both Facebook and Instagram. This process is available for creators on Facebook or Instagram without needing to publicly post their images.

Creators, take charge

Creators will be able to choose whether to simply monitor the content, attribute credit to themselves via an ownership link or make a takedown request to block the use of the content when matching content is found on Facebook or Instagram page. You can also choose whether or not you want the content ownership to apply worldwide or only in certain locations. Rights Manager is a powerful and highly customizable tool built for allowing you to control when, where and how content is shared across Facebook and Instagram. You can customise the Rights Manager feature to suit the needs of creators who post their unique content to publishing houses.

How it works

Rights Manager for Images

The Rights Manager tool will take your content that is protected in a reference library and find any content on Facebook and Instagram that matches yours. The tool’s match settings can be adjusted to specify whether your ownership should apply worldwide or only in specific geographic locations. You can choose the actions the suits best for you when a page or profile is detected with your content. The tool has options for content monitoring, blocking or credit attribution via an ownership link. Rights Manager also enable creators to protect trusted partners and properties from matching your reference files by adding trusted partners and properties.

Making management easier?

Rights Manager is a powerful and ever-advancing platform on which creators and publishers prevent a vast number of creations from being shared by people. This platform helps drive the right results for your goals and protect your content with a high-level of insight and detail for your account and files. The Right Manager isn’t designed for the needs of everyone. The IP reporting form on the Help Centre of Facebook and Instagram can be used to report individual infringements by rights users who don’t want to manage a large content catalogue, post new content regularly or want to learn a new, robust tool. The IP violations reporting form is highly efficient that it even enables creators to report more than one matching content at a time.

Updated version

The new Copyright tool is another addition to the Rights Manager after the implementation of a similar process for music video sharing in 2020. It allows better IP protection for rights holders across Facebook’s platforms with more capacity and more types of content. Online image copyright is a complex process, especially in social media sharing. Rights Manager for Images which is the newly introduced version of Rights Manager is designed with image-matching technology to enable creators and publishers to effectively protect and manage their image content. Right manager will detect matching content on Facebook and Instagram after you apply to the content you want to protect.

Boon for photographers

The tool works by cross-referencing rights holders’ video or image asset against other user uploads on Facebook and Instagram and alert them about potential violations. Creators can enable Rights Manager protection for their visual content by filling out a form, asserting their content rights and adding their image or video assets. The new tool in Rights Manager will offer photographers with unlimited means of content protecting across Facebook and Instagram. The feature offers customers unlimited protection of their content on Facebook and Instagram. Photographers will be able to ensure that their content is used and distributed by others with their permission.

Rights Manager - boon for photographers

The Rights Manager for Images will enable creators in finding and matching images that have been used as embeds. The tool also allows rights holders to choose to monitor and block or allow the image. The Rights Manager for Images will be soon made accessible to those who apply here.

The Rights Manager for Images version isn’t yet available to all creators but is something that photographers have been crying out for.

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