These 2 Technologies Will Shape The Future

Ever wondered how our world can be changed by technology? The 21st century is called the technical age and no doubt humans are working hard to prove it right. 

Tech has evolved and changed a lot in the past few decades. We took 100s of years to make a mobile phone but in less than 100 years we have built smartphones that were beyond imagination back in the days. We are progressing in terms of technology really fast.

We have often seen in movies how our future may look. The flying cars robots and all those fancy sci fi stuff fascinates us. But we are not much far behind achieving those. Self driving cars was always a dream since the cars were made. Today we have achieved it to a certain level.  Similarly drones were a part of fantasy world today we see normal people using drones for shooting videos. So basically we are indeed working the direction of making our dreams true. 

So, whatever we are dreaming about the feature right now, technology advancement is in the process of making it a reality. 

For example, the transport industry would change drastically in the coming years. The most basic change would be electric cars replacing the gas ones. Self driving cars would be very common. We would have cars with no steering wheel at all. Long distance transport may use hyper-loops instead if planes and of-course flying taxis would be part of daily commutes. 

But I have listed two top emerging technologies of the most revolutionary technologies which can’t be seen directly but these would frame our future in an incredible way.

Artificial Intelligence

top emerging technologies

Artificial Intelligence has always fascinated us. We think of virtual assistants and robots when we think of applications of AI. But AI is a much bigger concept. So big that we don’t even know till which point can we take our AI.

Artificial Intelligence is used to make computers think humanly and rationally and act on the basis of this. Currently we see extensive use of AI in our smartphone industry. Our camera uses AI to improve the image quality. Your virtual assistant is getting smarter; this is the result of AI. But, what AI can do in the future is way more innovative than this. Self driving car is the most promising AI enabled service we will use in the coming future.

These cars will efficiently reduce the number of road accidents. They will also be very helpful for older people and physical/visually impaired persons.  AI is also being tested in the field of health sciences. It can diagnose fatal diseases like cancer. You can have AI employees, one for managing accounts and one for managing sales. These technologies are already under developments. And researchers suggest that we can see them in the daily world in less than 2 decades.

Augmentation Reality

top emerging technologies

You might not have heard of this, but you have definitely used this at one place or other. Have you played the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, or have you used a virtual pet  or you may have used real time live dynamic stickers on your pictures or videos.

Basically Augmented reality can make you see things which are present virtually and not physically. We all have seen Sci-Fi movies in which the screen comes out as a 3d hologram and that is just a small application of AR. AR can make you travel countries, see museums in front of you just sitting at your home. Using AR you can actually try dresses without even going to the store or you can check how any furniture will look in your living room or anywhere.

You can check real time traffic at different streets. The most fascinating feature is 3D video calls. You can actually see the person sitting right in front of you. Sports events and Concerts can be held using the AR technology. The options are never ending for the technology.

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