Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!

Greek Gods- they are a dynamic bunch, I’ll give them that. From wars to homicide, from cannibalism to hard-partying, they have done it all. Well, Greece IS a pretty old civilization, so they must’ve had a ton of time on their hands. If you have heard of the exploits of the Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) or the other well-known Olympians like Aphrodite or Hera, then you’ll know that they weren’t very high on morals or decency. However, there are stories of some not-so-famous Gods who aren’t as bad, and who actually might be likeable! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!


Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!
Wikimedia Commons / Estoymuybueno 

She is the cool, single aunt in a family where reproduction runs wild. You might not have heard a lot about her, but she is the Goddess of the hearth and domesticity. It’s not that Hestia didn’t like family or kids; she is a very caring, kind, and genuine personality who loves her family (the Olympians) and their kids, and she is so nice that she supposedly gave up her throne on Olympus for Dionysus to sit on. She just decided never to start her own family, because she didn’t have much luck in the relationship department (her dad ate her when she was a newborn, for example).

Hestia is probably the most non-controversial greek God you could find- no incest? Check. No cannibalism? Check. No murdering people because they forgot to worship her? Check. In fact, we should be really grateful to her, because myths indicate that she allowed Prometheus to steal fire from the godly hearth and gift it to us humans, who weren’t really more than cavemen back then.


Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!

I know what you’re thinking- How does the god of booze and parties come in this list? But really, as far as most male Gods go, Dionysus did just fine. He is one of the younger Gods, and he didn’t exactly grow up in an entitled environment. Being an illegitimate child of Zeus, he faced a lot of suffering and tragedy at the hands of Hera (Zeus’s wife, queen of Olympus), and lost many of the people he loved.

Perhaps this is why you won’t find a lot of instances of Dionysus being sadistic towards others, except maybe bad guys, because being a God, he could take them down real well. And the sweetest story might just be of how he met his wife, Ariadne, who had been abandoned on an island by the greek hero Theseus. He was a loving husband, though not completely loyal, but well, with a greek God, that’s the best you can expect!


Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!

Artemis is a nature Goddess, but not the kind of frolicking, happy ones you might see on kids’ drawing books. This is because she is also the Goddess of archery, hunting, wild animals, and debatably, of the moon. She is the complete opposite of her twin, the flashy God Apollo- she is quiet, strict, and a sworn virgin. She basically seemed to be the patron of young girls in ancient Greece, but they had to swear off male contact to join her as her followers.

The best thing about her is, even though she is not easily amused, she still wouldn’t hurt you unfairly. But oh boy, she could really inflict punishments on those who did wrong, like if you murdered animals just for sport. So while Hestia is the sweet, single, Goddess-next-door aunt, Artemis is the piercing-rocking, badass, martial-artist kind of single aunt.


Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!
Wikimedia Commons / rob koopman

She is probably the least-known God among those in this list, and it makes sense too, since she didn’t feature a lot in the stories of the Olympians’…..frolics. Hecate is one of the titan-Gods, supervising over magic, witchcraft, necromancy, ghosts, and similar stuff. You know, fun times. She might be associated with dark magic, evil spells and such, but honestly, there aren’t a lot of myths to prove this.

She had sided with the Gods who seemed more just and fair (at that time), in their war with the titans, and Hecate was very helpful to the Goddess Demeter in finding her daughter Persephone, who had been kidnapped by Hades (a WHOLE nother story). Her essence has seen a sort of a revival in today’s time, with people becoming curious about witchcraft and astrology. Personally, I like her calm but powerful goth-girl vibe!


Top 5 Lowkey Awesome Gods From Greek Mythology!
Wikimedia Commons / Yann Forget

Now, before you apply the typical stereotypes of the Big Three to Hades, the God of the dead and of everything that existed under the soil, hear me out. Hades got the unfair end of the bargain for the most of his life, mostly because a dice roll had destined him to live in the Underworld forever. He is the misunderstood kid, you know, and many of us might relate with him. And while his character isn’t flawless, and his actions were sometimes immoral (such as kidnapping Persephone because he fell in love with her), he was mostly a just and good God.

He has an important task at hand -regulating the world of the dead- and he does it well, creating proper systems for equality, blessing the good people and punishing the evil-doers. He also doesn’t unnecessarily meddle with mortals or make our lives difficult, which is pretty rare for a greek god, an Olympian at that!

The list of Greek Gods is endless, and there are a lot of names that probably deserved to but couldn’t make it to this list.

Which Greek God do you like best, and which ones seem to annoy the heck out of you? Tell us below!

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