Visit The Island Of The Dolls In Mexico To See Hundreds of Annabelles!

Thunder and lightning.

*three dolls enter*

If you’ve ever wanted to find out about some haunted places with a super spooky past, we’ve got you!

Today, we’re here to talk about a eerily beautiful island in Mexico that is known for its collection of creepy dolls and  gory history.

Where is the Doll Island, exactly?

Visit The Island Of The Dolls In Mexico To See Hundreds of Annabelles!
Wikimedia Commons / Amrith Raj 

The Island of the Dead Dolls is located in the canals of Xochimilco, south of the center of Mexico City and is very close to the Estadio Azteca football stadium.

The legend of the Island of Dolls *shriek*

Visit The Island Of The Dolls In Mexico To See Hundreds of Annabelles!
Wikimedia Commons / Evacatrin

The story of La Isla de las Muñecas (“The Island of the Dolls”) is intimately entwined with the story of Don Julian Santana Barrera. Don Julian was a native of Xochimilco, but left his wife and family sometime in the mid-20th century and moved to an island on Teshuilo Lake. Experts now say that he might have been mentally ill, but no one can establish this as a fact.

One day, he witnessed a spine-chilling sight – the dead body of a dear young girl was lying on the shore of the island. She had supposedly drowned in the lake. As if this wasn’t enough, a doll came floating down the canals after a few days. Don, thinking it was the little girl’s doll, tied it to the tree to show some respect. Some say that a few more dolls started appearing in the lake, and he would take these and tie them to trees to appease the kid’s spirit.

Unsound in mind as he might have been, Don Julian spent the next 50 years of his life tying more and more creepy dolls to trees because he considered the island ‘haunted’ and the dolls ‘possessed’ (don’t worry, though, it’s not really haunted). *Door creaks*

The truth about the Doll Island

Many have questioned the existence of the girl whose body Julian saw. People, including his very own family, don’t believe that he ever saw the drowned body of the kiddo. Many have declared him mentally ill, citing his behaviour as ‘delusional’. Whatever be the truth, the fact remains that the doll collector devoted almost his entire life to the deceased girl and in appeasing her spirit.

Here’s the part that’s actually disturbing…

Visit The Island Of The Dolls In Mexico To See Hundreds of Annabelles!
Wkimedia Commons / Evacatrin

Don Julian died at the same spot he had found the body, in the same way the supposed little girl had – by drowning in the canal. This death proved to be a tourist attraction, and many ferries started taking a stop here. Tourists flocked with dolls of their own to pay respect to the caretaker and the girl whom he served for 50 years.

What do people – who have actually visited the island – have to say about the scary factor?

Visit The Island Of The Dolls In Mexico To See Hundreds of Annabelles!
Wikimedia Commons / Evacatrin

People definitely do differ in their opinion of the island. While, for some, the island was only a place with Annabelles, the others have been reported to say that they’ve heard the dolls whispering *shhhhhh*, moving their heads *doll moves its head to look into your eyes* and even luring them to come closer *come close, wouldn’t you?*

We are creeped out just by writing this, but we hope you are daring enough to visit this place, because in its truest form, it’s a beautiful floating island garden that waits for you.

Remember to take a doll with you, okay?

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