5 Of The Weirdest Scents To Ever Have Been Bottled

Humans are into some pretty strange, shady stuff. Yeah, even speaking as a member of this species, I have no justification for why we like some things we do – abominable food combos, outrageous fashion trends, and of course, illogical opinions (they happen to be our favorite!). But nothing prepares one for the mad-scientist-experimentation that some people have done on fragrances. Some primal instinct tells us to bottle up whatever weird type of scent we can think of, and we do. The sense of smell is apparently the most closely related to your memory; well, get ready to have it annihilated by some of these perfumes that are just plain weird.

Funeral Home – Demeter Fragrance Library

5 Of The Weirdest Scents To Ever Have Been Bottled

I’m not even sure how to respond to this one, but I guess nothing is too bizarre when it comes from the Demeter Fragrance Library. They describe it as a blend of classic white flowers (symbolizing death) like lilies, carnations, gladiolus, chrysanthemums with stems and leaves, with a hint of mahogany and oriental carpet. Apparently, the company’s founder smelled the fragrance and exclaimed that it smelled like his Grandfather’s funeral. I admit that the idea behind it is kinda deep and meaningful, but it’s just such a strange concept for a perfume. 

Flame – Burger King

5 Of The Weirdest Scents To Ever Have Been Bottled

Don’t get me wrong, I adore food. But only when it goes inside my stomach, not on my body. I guess Burger King didn’t feel this way, though, because it thought it would be a good idea to market a Whopper-inspired cologne for men with the words ‘the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat’. It just gets weirder and weirder. So yeah, if you’re looking to abandon fast-food but still wanna enjoy its flavorful fragrance, this one might be for you.

A, AB, B, & O – Blood Concept

5 Of The Weirdest Scents To Ever Have Been Bottled

Vampires, I see that your ears have perked up, and you will not be disappointed. The body-fluif types of scents are created by the Blood Concept perfume firm, drawing from the 4 human blood-types. Each bottle contains unique combinations of flower and tree scents mixed with other minerals and synthetics. They share one thing in common, however – a metallic smell of a certain red-colored fluid. Oh, one more thing – this perfume that celebrates our life-force and the thick liquid that flows through our veins doesn’t actually contain any real blood. Is this what you’d call vegan for vampires?

Paper Passion- Geza Schoen

5 Of The Weirdest Scents To Ever Have Been Bottled

Okay, this one might just be my favorite, and the best perfume to gift to your nerd friends. This perfume apparently emulates the pleasure of sniffing a bunch of freshly-printed books. Its aroma revolves around paper and ink, and somehow seems to capture through the olfactory pathway the fresh crinkle of a book that’s opened for the first time. Too poetic? I can’t help it. It is said that the creator of this fragrance spent days in libraries filled with parchments and inks to finally create one that would do justice to the aesthetic and sensual beauty of books. The packaging will have you head-over-heels for sure. It comes as a real book with a hidden compartment inside where the perfume bottle rests elegantly. Ever feel nostalgic for the musky scent of a beloved book, just take a whiff of Paper Passion. 

hm, now this is the weird type of fragrance I like.

Sécrétions Magnifiques – Antoine Lie

Sécrétions Magnifiques - Antoine Lie

I’m sorry guys, I tried to avoid this one till the end, but now is the time when you’re about to get very uncomfortable. If you guessed from the name, then yeah, it is a scent inspired from our oh-so-glorious body fluids. Spray it on and you’re doused in a layer of what smells like blood, sweat, semen, and saliva. As if we needed any more of the second one. The scent is supposed to be “an olfactory coitus that sends one into raptures, to the pinnacle of sensual pleasure”, though I’m pretty sure all it will do is make you want to take another shower.  C’mon people, aren’t perfumes supposed to freshen you up instead of repel everyone in a 10- meter radius?

Clearly, perfumes are no longer about smelling good; they’re about going to the craziest extremes to find out what can be achieved. From bacon-scented and marijuana-infused to those that smell like garages and burnt rubber, which weird perfume strangely appeals to you?

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