Will 5G Really Change Our Lives? : Fifth Generation Of Cellular Networks

If you’re living under a rock – which to be honest sounds amazing considering how 2020 has been treating us. Like who pissed you off, 2020? – and don’t know the first thing about 5G, let us help you out a little. 5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is the new family member in the global wireless standard with 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G is designed in a way that can connect everything to everyone i.e. devices, machines and even objects.

5G is meant to provide you with higher speed, improved efficiency, higher performance, lower latency (the measure of time data takes to travel from one point to another) and faster bandwidth. You could download an entire season of Money Heist in mere seconds! But along with all these jolly and happy things 5G promises to deliver, there are a few other downsides of it.

If you are in any way interested in 5G and wish to buy it, you will have to purchase a new device. 5G is not transferable. So, if you have bought a 4G phone just a few months ago, you might have to wait for some more time until you buy another one with a 5G network. There were a lot of experiments conducted by the buyers of 5G phones. They came to know that a lot of places did not even have any network! The same situation occurred with another bunch of buyers and let me tell you, they are not happy.

Remember when 4G came out? There were about two years between establishing it and the very first handset sales. But with 5G they took just a year and threw it towards the consumers without actually explaining a lot. On the other hand, 5G is also very tempting at the same time. Fastest data? Three hours plus movies downloaded in under three minutes? Yes, please. On the contrary, when a 5G and a 4G phone were made to compete against each other to download a large file, 5G managed to do so in under 3 minutes whereas 4G was still struggling even after 10 minutes. 

The world is split into two teams – those who support 5G and those who don’t. I am personally inclined towards 5G. Although there are a handful of problems including almost no network, and expensive 5G phones, it is gradually improving. It will take time for the makers of 5G to eradicate all the tiny problems that the 5G consumers are facing, but once it is cleared, there is absolutely no doubt that people will prefer 5G rather than 4G. But 4G is still deep rooted in almost all the countries and to nudge the audience to prefer 5G over 4G will not be an easy task. Sure, in the future when the prices lower a little people will choose 5G. 

5G is spreading like a wildfire with over 200 million people using it. But even then, there are loads of people who are facing issues saying that there is either no network in their area or the speed is almost the same as 4G. Nevertheless, to answer the question of whether 5G will change our lives, it is quite simple – Yes, it will change our lives. However, this will happen by giving the makers of 5G a little more time to gather and process all the problems that people with 5G are facing. If you’re planning to buy a 5G phone, I’d recommend you to hold off for a while until the team fixes all the issues.

If we talk about the present, then we would have to say that a lot of people are quite happy with 4G and don’t plan on buying 5G anytime soon. I use a 4G network and I am pretty content with it and I don’t think I’ll be needing it in the upcoming years. 

But that doesn’t mean people will not hop on the trend to buy 5G. According to a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Business, 5G will open a lot of new doors for development in customized medicines anytime and anywhere. Not only that, a survey conducted way back in 2017 said that with the help of 5G it will be much easier to manage traffic and power which will save cities around $160 billion. 

These were just a few examples of how 5G will change our lives in the future. It’ll make travelling, purchasing, trading a lot easier while saving our money too. The change will take place way ahead in the future but hell, I am for sure excited to see a whole lot of changes barging their way in with great twists in technology. 

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