10 Advanced Technologies That’ll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Technology is constantly evolving in a way to change not only the future of the human race but the planet itself. Many of the exciting advanced technologies coming out and set to come out in some time will have the potential of becoming mainstream in the coming years.  Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency that are dominating the world today were just a prototype a few years back. In recent years, we have seen many technology trends moving out of the R&D departments and into our everyday life. Now, look at the 10 advanced technologies that have the potential to be everywhere in the next decade. 

Smart glasses

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s
Product photography of the Google Glass wearable, via Google

Despite many controversies, Google Glass is still a revolutionary step in smart glasses technology. All the pairs of Google Glass that are out now are beta test units, and they will be coming up with a consumer-level version for a much cheaper price. We can also expect competitors to release smart glasses right alongside Google Glass. Smart glasses are surely a thing that will happen despite any disapproval in the initial stage.

Smart data

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Automation is expanding its potential towards reimagining many of this we do manually such as adding someone to your contact list on your phone or in your email. Smart data will be able to automatically build a contacts list based on things like your email inbox and your current contacts list, messages, etc. The innovation in smart data will come to a point where you can create a contact profile by asking for their name.

Wearable electronics

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

We will see the potential of wearable technology going beyond smartwatches and even Google Glass. While smartwatches and social devices let you connect with the outside world, there will be more wearable devices that connect you to your body. This will include earbuds that measure heart rate, temporary tattoos that use NFC technology to unlock doors and contact lenses that measure your blood sugar. With the launch of the consumer version of these devices, you will know in advance when you’re going to have a heart attack.

Smart houses

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Smart houses are another upcoming technology that is soon about to become a reality. We already have smart appliances such as refrigerators that use machine learning and AI technology to tell you when you are low on a certain food item or ovens that can be controlled with a smartphone. In the future, we will see these smart devices aggregated into an entire smart house that can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It won’t be too much longer when the consumer version of the technology makes your house talk to you and you can talk to it.

Screenless displays

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Screenless display technology has come a long way in the last few years and it won’t be too long before you will be displayed things without a screen. The technology is expected to make revolutionary feats in the near future when things like holograms will no longer be science fiction. We may even see contact lenses which let you shoot images straight into your eyes. This will be a significant milestone to help people who can’t see well enjoy things for the first time.

Brain-Computer interface

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Brain-computer interfaces have been used by quadriplegics for years to talk through a computer. The technology already exists to a less refined degree but is undergoing works that can lead to a future that eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. With this technology coming to its full life, you will just need to think about something to get it to happen on the screen. This will be of great advantage for people with disabilities or who want to be productive.

Universally available services

10 Advanced Technologies That'll Be Everywhere In The 2030s

Universally available services are a technology that isn’t as complicated as it sounds. What makes services like Uber unique is their universal accessibility anywhere they are present. This feature will be taken to the next level by these services transcending borders and continents by using the magic of the internet so that you can call a driver no matter where you are. You will soon be able to use the same service everywhere regardless of what country you’re in or what language you speak. We can also expect more services like Uber coming up in the future when people become more aware of the potential for universally available services.


The field of robotics has come along with significant changes in the past decade, but the technology is expected to undergo even more advancements in the near future. We may not be yet able to see fully intelligent robots, we can soon expect ones that are stable and reliable enough to start working. We are already controlling robots to perform surgeries on humans, but will soon see them working their way into various facets of manual labor that humans don’t want to do such as shooting wads of paper into trash cans or pouring coffee.

Biofuels and renewable energy

It is quite predictable for us that we will be the last living creature on this planet that relies on fossil fuels as the only source of energy available. In the near future, we will see revolutionary changes in technologies around solar and wind energy, as well as for fuel sources from everything from wheat to algae. We are on the verge of losing our grip on our dependence on oil and coal instead of switching to electric cars and solar-powered houses.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is already having a huge impact on many of our everyday activities. The progress that we have made through artificial intelligence can be clearly evident through the advancements in robotics and contextual technology like Siri, Google Now and Cortana. The technology still has a long way ahead in developing software that integrates the exact human capabilities for predicting and reacting to things.

Keep an eye for these top 10 advanced technologies, some of which have already graced us with their presence.

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