10 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Every girl loves feeling beautiful and always at her best. Heck, even guys love that feeling. The harsh reality is that this is not so easy to achieve. Life is busy as people have to take up multiple jobs or long shifts to make a living. These tips are for those busy women who don’t have or feel like they don’t have time to spare to make themselves look good.

Slim Down Your Routine

The first tip we can give you is that you should trim your night time routine. If you’re too busy and come home late at night, then this will work best for you. The main thing you should do before you sleep is just wipe the makeup off your face. Once you’ve done that, you’re okay. Slim the night time routine to only doing this. Use effective face wipes to make this work and have all makeup off your face.

Sporting A Bun? Great Choice!

There are times that you hit the snooze button a bit longer than you’d have wanted. In your frantic hurry, you notice that your hair is messed up, what do you do? Tie it in a bun of course. A bun, done right will make you look good and professional with minimum effort.

Organization Is Key

This is where many of the busy women and girls out there fail. How do you expect to quickly prepare yourself if your bathroom is a mess. It’ll be a lot faster for you to get ready when you know the exact positioning of everything you need. What we’re trying to say is organize that messy bathroom!

A Multi-Tasking Moisturizer Is A Must

As said earlier, you need to try and minimize your beauty routine. The best way to do this is by getting a product that does more than one job. A best place to start would be a multi tasking moisturizer. If you can get a moisturizer with SPF 30 and anti oxidants, that’s great. You’ll be getting yourself protection from the sun, moisturizing your skin and nourishing it as well.

Don’t Forget The Tissues

There are some women out there who are hooked to mascara and swear by it. What we’re sure you’ll admit is that there are mascara mishaps that occur as you apply it. These mishaps tend to take time to correct and are troublesome. We’d advice that you place/hold tissues under the lash line as you run the bristles. You can thank us later.

Make Primer A Close Ally

Many beauty experts always advocate for the use of primer. This is because primer tends to have many benefits for women using makeup. Primer acts like a foundation that allows the makeup to properly ‘stick’ to the skin for a lack of a better word. This ensures that makeup stays on for hours and that you don’t need to reapply as often.

Dye Your Eyelashes If You Have To

You might not believe this, but there are such things as eyelash dyes. Like your hair, you can dye your eyelashes so that they are darker and give an impression that they are thicker. If you don’t want to always be dealing with mascara every morning, then this can be a great alternative.

Eye Whitener Drops Anyone?

Busy women tend to work more and thus appear tired and worn out unless makeup is used. If you have the desire to always look fresh and awake, then this method might work for you. Just pour some drops in the morning and it’ll help create the illusion that you’re fresh because you look active.

It Might Be Time To Trim

Yes, it’s probably time to consider trimming your hair. As hair gets longer, it gets harder to manage. Trimming your hair will make it easier to manage and might also help improve your overall look.

Consider New Equipment

We know, we just referred to makeup supplies as equipment. Some women tend to use their supplies until they are completely worn out. As much as it’s understandable that you’re trying to save, but this doesn’t work if you want to be quick.

You see, the older the supplies, the less effective they become and the more it’ll take you to do a menial task. On that note, if you’re a busy lady, then spare some dollars and replace the old equipment.

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