10 Fashion Trends From Ancient Egypt That We Need To Bring Back

Ancient Egypt was a magical civilization. If you are in for some history, you would be surprised to learn how advanced and progressive the ancient Egyptians were. Not only did they regularly invent new things, but they also had an incredibly elegant sense of fashion that made them the leaders of the ancient world. Let’s look at a few of their trends that could easily trend today.

  1. 1 Linen Dresses

    Ancient Egyptians usually wore clothing items made from linen. Linen was very suitable for the hot weather and was nice and gentle on the skin. It is also a natural fabric that comes in an off white color to reflect the light and the heat. 

    Nothing can go wrong with plain dresses. Think of the time you will save deciding on what to wear tomorrow, because you basically have one item that fills your entire wardrobe.

  2. 2 Unisex Clothing

    Both men and women wore clothing items that looked kind of similar. There were a few differences between what men and women wore but they usually wore sheath dresses that were made from pleats or robes that would make them comfortable.

    We think that unisex clothing is a great idea. Although men and women now wear pants and blazers, originally masculine items, we don’t see a reason why they can't both wear dresses. They are just as elegant.

  3. 3 Wigs

    Egyptian men and women used to wear wigs. The wealthy people wore wigs that were made from human hair while the poor people wore wigs that were made from horse hair. There was no need to go to the hairdresser or spend hundreds of dollars on hair treatments. They also came with different styles and ornaments, and not to forget, looked cool!

  4. 4 Eyeliner For Everyone

    Everyone used to wear eyeliner in ancient Egypt. It was believed that it could fight off the evil eye and it was a sign of social status. Today some of us wear eyeliners, but back then, it was normal to see anyone from doctors to priests wearing eyeliner to work. But, we just love how it defines the eye!

  5. 5 Perfume Ampules

    People used to keep perfume ampules in their body folds and in their wigs. They would either be pierced and the body heat would allow the perfume to keep on evaporating or they would be made from a material that would melt with time.

    While we are not particularly fond of shoving foreign particles in our body cavities and between skin folds, but with some people who don’t realize the importance of regular showering, we think that this might come in handy. 

  6. 6 Metal Collar Shirts

    These were called gorgerine. They were metal discs that connected to each other and would be worn over bare skin or over a shirt. 

    We believe that this is the perfect outfit for rock stars or rockers wannabes.

  7. 7 Henna Tattoos

    We love how henna looks. It's obtained from plants and can be used for temporary tattoos as compared to permanent tattoos which usually involve the use of artificial inks that get injected under the skin surface. We also love that they fade away over time. If there is something that you don’t like, or if you broke up with the person you wrote his name on your arm, you should not have any worries. In 2 weeks or less the tattoo will start to fade away. You can also speed up the process by washing the area with water and soap. 

  8. 8 Going Barefoot

    Ancient Egyptians only wore sandals on very special occasions or when they thought that their feet might get hurt. They would normally go barefoot, which is more natural. It is the best way to strengthen foot muscles and tendons. Also, you will not have to deal with bunions or spend a fortune on costly shoes.

  9. 9 Scented Cones

    This is another invention that Ancient Egyptian came up with in times that the whole world knew nothing or very little about personal hygiene. Although the Egyptians made soap and usually took milk baths to soothe their skins, they also liked to smell nice especially for social events. They wore scented or perfumed cones on top of their heads. They were made from ox fats and resin and would be left to melt as the time passed. Even the slaves and servants who wore nothing during dinner parties would never miss on the scented cones.

  10. 10 Headgears

    Are you having a bad hair day? If you are not into shaving your head or wearing a wig, you can always use a gold headgear or headdress that would cover your entire hair with gold and colourful gemstones or beads. They not only looked elegant and special, but involved a lot of creativity too!

    Which fashion trend would you like to bring back? Tell us in comments below.

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