15 Cute Anime Couple Moments That Made Our Heart Flutter

We can all agree on the part that we can never have enough love stories. When it comes to anime, the genius and power of love is represented in wonderful concepts. Anime shippers would agree that they absolutely love when there forms a moment between two characters, obviously head over heels for eachother. One time they are oblivious other times completely obvious, but these moments give us severe feels and couple goals. We are enlisting 15 such cutest moments that will make your heart go doki-doki. You can tell us in the comments which one of these would you like to rank No. 1 and you can also add more.

( Spoilers ahead!)

  1. 1 Misaki takes care of Usui ( Kaichou wa maid sama)

    There can't be just one beautiful scene in Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, however, this one scene just has me screaming. Misaki goes out of her way to take care of Usui, since he risked his life to save her secret identity. Misaki is still her Tsundere self around Usui but it is ultra cute how she even cooks for him even when she's horrible at it.

  2. 2 Kagome needed to see Inuyasha again (Inuyasha)

    Again, this anime has lot of random and adorable Inuyasha and Kagome moments, this one hits the spot since we can feel Kagome's terror and relief. Even Inuyasha is taken aback by her overflowing emotions. Instead of staying behind in the present time, Kagome comes back to see Inuyasha one more time.

  3. 3 Hori and Miyamura (Horimiya)

    Whenever Hori and Miyamura embrace everybody watching feels warm. Their love is that of unspeakable bonds and loving touch and we are here for everything they have to offer.

  4. 4 Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

    Alright, how do you even choose? Naruto and Hinata's bonding and intimacy is what makes them great as a couple. I cannot even try to pick one favourite moment from all their life but if I have to, I'll always choose them reminiscing a sweet memory from their childhood while they love each other in the present.

  5. 5 Victor surprises Yuri ( Yuri on Ice )

    "This is the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you have surprised me", Victor says after Yuri's performance. Us shippers were even more surprised and overwhelmed at this scene. Yes, they were born to make history.

  6. 6 Ryuji and Taiga (ToraDora)

    ToraDora is one of the best romance animes, in my opinion, and has one of the best confession scenes. This little act out of their wedding is just * chef's kiss *. Not to mention, Taiga is vulnerable and soft, which is new and very charming.

  7. 7 Hirotaka and Narumi kiss( Wotakoi : Love is hard for Otaku )

    This first kiss scene is too cute and playful to handle. With Narumi head-banging Hirotaka and trying to kick him after is just too innocent and sweet. I can't.

  8. 8 Tohru and Kobayashi walking in the festival( Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon )

    Before this, my favourite handholding scene was the bridge scene in the OVA episode of season 1. However, this scene from season 2 just takes the prize as Kobayashi holds Tohru's hand and asks her to spend some time with her alone. Kobayashi is not the very best at expressing her feelings, which is why little things like this one matter so much.

  9. 9 Akane chases down Kotarou (Tsuki ga kirei)

    It is one of the few animes that present a developing and constantly evolving relationship. I love watching a couple going through ups and downs of their relationship. This kiss scene is, therefore, more special since they make up quite beautifully after a conflict.

  10. 10 Nasa and Tsukasa spend a night at parents' ( Fly me to the moon )

    Another adorable anime with incredibly cute scenes too choose from. Nasa finds the most adorable wife ever in Tsukasa. The first night that they spend under Nasa's parents's roof is full with clumsy and kawaii cuddling. We totally love the addition that Nasa's parents are totally hearing from the other room.

  11. 11 Tamako, Mochizo and their paper cup phone ( Tamako love story )

    Mochizo and Tamako are more than just childhood sweethearts. The paper cup phone symbolises their innocence and the truth is, I cannot pick one scene involving the paper cup phone which I can call the cutest. Though, Tamako's confession scene at the end surely has more votes.

  12. 12 Hanoko and Taro ( Wotakoi : Love is hard for Otaku )

    Although not the main characters, this couple should get the honourable mention that they deserve. We see them attempting to balance their relationship but there are certain moments which are just too cute to handle. Kobakura defends his girlfriend and comforts her.

  13. 13 Tohru and Kyo at the beach ( Fruits Basket)

    The way Kyo and Tohru touch each other casually is endearing. This scene is special because you know hand-holding is the ultimate romance for anime couples. You just have to love how gentle and soft Kyo is with Tohru, and even when he comes back from a fight seeing Kyo gets a sweet smile in his face.

  14. 14 Gouda and Rinko camp together(My Love Story)

    A fairly odd couple but with endless charm, Gouda and Rinko have many cute moments for us in the anime. While, Rinko chan is head over heels for Gouda's innocent affection she also finds his manliness very attractive. It is really fun watching her swoon over Gouda while they get lost together in the Jungle.

  15. 15 Kaguya and Miyuki ( Kaguya Sama : Love is War )

    My favourite scene just has to be Kaguya and Miyuki fighting over a piece of cake. The way they both blush in secret for the fact that the other remembered why they loved cake is just adorable. You can't help but smile the whole time they bicker about feeding each other the cake, also symbolising the love they have for eachother.

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