10 YouTube Influencers To Follow For Cool Cosplay Tips!

Playing dress-up was always the best game during our childhood. Dressing up like our favourite character used to bring us so much joy. But if you think that those days are already behind you, then you are wrong. Are you really forgetting about cosplay? Yes, the grown-up version of the dress-up game! Only the dresses and the makeup is much more accurate now! There are a number of people who live for some peak cosplays. We often call them the pros. But that does not mean that newcomers like you can only sit and watch to relive the fun days. Who is stopping you? Absolutely, no one. Or are you worried that it might not be as perfect as some of those elite getups? Well, that’s where cosplay influencers come in. If you are a newcomer who wants to widen your cosplay game, then allow us to introduce you to some of the best influencers in the field. We know you will not regret it at all. In fact, in a month or two, you’re going to ace this dress-up game for sure! So, here are our 10 YouTube influencers to follow for some cool cosplay tips.

10 YouTube Influencers To Follow For Cool Cosplay Tips!

Jessica Nigri

She should be your go-to influencer if you are looking for some peak-level cosplay skills. Jessica Nigri is a cosplayer with a huge following on YouTube. Here work is no joke and the testimony for that is her 1.23 million subscribers! The girl is not just playing, she is actually PLAYING! She makes her own costumes, making her a god-level crafter as well. You sure will love to follow her for some pro tips! Her cosplays are not just some blunt getups but a fully-fledged video to show her mad skills!

Kogenta Cosplay

It’s safe to say that he is a big fan of Cat Noir from the Miraculous series. If you love the cosplays that play with some animalistic or non-human twists then this influencer should be your ideal! This French cosplayer has 535K subscribers on YouTube and is Cosplayer French since 2009. He sure should be on your list of influencers to follow for some sweet cosplay tips!

Cosplay Chris

You know a cosplayer is a top game if their cover page itself is them cosplaying Captain America in the most smooth manner. From the editing to the getup, everything is perfect. Well, Cosplay Chris from Australia is one of those. A cosplayer that will not only offer some helpful tips but also has reviewed on his channel for better guidance! He has a huge following of 334K subscribers on YouTube. A must-visit channel for some peak tips! Movie lovers will fall for him instantly!

Uptown Cosplay

You should definitely check this cosplay influencer out! Not only there are chances that you will learn a lot from the videos they put but can actually meet them in your nearest con! Well, you obviously will have to do a bit of work for that, but it’s just suggestions and stuff. Uptown Cosplay is from the US and has a huge following of 415K subscribers on YouTube. They have been participating in cons since 2012 and have merch as well! So you can buy the stuff you like! Cool!


You know the cosplayer is no joke when they are not only a cosplayer but a designer, a panelist, and has already made some award-winning costumes! KamuiCospay is a YouTube channel with a huge following of 538K subscribers. It actually has two designers behind it who ace some next-level costumes along with their dog! You should definitely check this channel out and we are sure you will love these influencers and their work!

Kleiner Pixel

You name the anime character and the chances are that she has already cosplayed it! Kleiner Pixel is an absolutely talented cosplay influence that you must follow. Her work and accuracy in her getups will sure amaze you to the core. She has a huge YouTube family with 1.69M subscribers. Her videos are very frequent so you will always have a new one to learn from!

Dami Cosplay

Dami Cosplay from the US will impress you with its accuracy when it comes to costumes and make-up! The influencer has a YouTube channel with 124K subscribers and is extremely amazing. The full name of the influencer is Damien Ayato and has had a presence on YouTube since 2014. You sure must visit the channel, we are sure you will learn something new with their frequent cosplay-related videos!

Mango Siren

You sure will love her work! She is a cosplay influencer from the US and is the perfect one to follow if you are a beginner in this field. Her videos are not just about cosplay but are full of tips, tricks, and whatnot that also focus to help the new cosplayers. She has a huge following on YouTube with 87.6K subscribers. Her DIY videos are what you will love the most as you can learn a variety of stuff from that section!


Just like her name, her work is unique as well. If you are into some clean and accurate cosplay, she should be on the list of your top influencers for sure. Axceleration has done an end number of cosplays and has a huge YouTube community with 79.8K subscribers! Believe us or not but she made her very first costume at the age of 13! Making her a perfect ideal one can ask for when it comes to these things!

Xieng Prod

Xieng Prod is the go-to channel and influencer for you if you are into movie props and costumes. Especially if those costumes are a lot related to suits! He is one of the most talented cosplay influencers you can ask for! His YouTube channel has a huge following of 86.4K subscribers. The answers to all your ‘how to’ will be here, on his channel. The videos and full of DIYs, a perfect influencer for cosplay lovers!

Do you have any favourite Cosplay Influencers? Share them with us in comments.

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