9 Rare Pokemon Inspired By Real Animals

There are 898 Pokemon in total that we currently know of, and it is amusing to wonder what the creators have in mind while creating a certain pokemon. While mythical creatures and imaginary aliens play their part in their creation the most obvious source of inspiration is the vast and mysterious animal kingdom. We have all at one time looked at a pokemon and connected it with a real animal that we think it resembles. From Bulbasaur to Feebas, we have enlisted 9 rare pokemon inspired by real animals.

  1. 1 Chansey

    via Wikimedia Commons/Javier Ábalos Alvarez

    The adorable healer pokemon is not the strongest of all, but has got an amazing amount of HP. It is said that creators were inspired by Olm(Proteus anguinus), an aquatic cave-dwelling vertebrate. Surprisingly, these animals can live up to a decade without food!

  2. 2 Mankey

    via Wikimedia Commons/Gzen92

    Mankey gives away the name of its inspiration from its name itself. The animal it closely resembles is barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus). Also known as barbary ape or maggot, barbary macaque are found in the mountains of Algeria and Morocco.

  3. 3 Psyduck

    via Wikimedia Commons/Samuel Sidney

    Psyduck can surprise us at times, and we know it for its strong psychic powers. Other times, this funny goofball is seen annoying Misty and the others. This pokemon neatly resembles the duck-billed platypus(Ornithorhynchus anatinus), a semiaquatic, egg-laying mammal. It also has flaps for feet and is quite difficult to keep as a pet.

  4. 4 Bulbasaur

    via Wikimedia Commons/Coedilleradenahuelbuta

    Bulbasaur is a grass pokemon and looks like a little chunky dinosaur. It is also one of the most popular pokemons inspired by real animals. This rare pokemon is inspired by another rare species called the bullock's mountain false toad (Telmatobufo bullocki). This little guy, sometimes found under logs in temperate woodlands, occurs very rarely and was last seen in early 2011. Bulbasaur is still an easier catch than a false toad.

  5. 5 Wooper

    via Wikimedia Commons/Stan Shebs

    Wooper shares almost all of its features with the axolotl(Ambystoma mexicanum). Its little eyes, body structure, antenna on the sides of its head and even the cute smile can be found in the axolotl. The axolotl is an amphibian which retains its gills (the antennas) even in its adult stage and is only found in Lake Xochimilco, within Mexico City.

  6. 6 Caterpie

    via Wikimedia Commons/Scott Robinson/clearlyambiguous Creative

    Caterpie is certainly a caterpillar. However, its design is almost accurately cloned like the eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar (Papilio glaucus).

    Its eyes and the suction cups are identical to that of the caterpillar. The eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly unfortunately does not show any resmblance to Butterfree, which is the final evolution of Caterpie.

  7. 7 Feebas

    via Wikimedia Commons/Pmau

    Among fish pokemons, Feebas is told to be extremely rare to find. It is pretty shabby in appearance, which actually helps avoid predators. Its name suggests that it is based on a bass fish and it does resemble the largemouth bass(Micropterus salmoides).

     The largemouth bass is usually grayish or greenish in color with dark blotches on its sides.

  8. 8 Poliwag

    via Wikimedia Commons/Geoff Gallice

    The cute wagging pokemon, Poliwag, has been inspired by the glass-frog tadpoles(Centrolenidae).

    These tadpoles have skin that is so transparent that their internal organs are clearly visible. Their tightly coiled intestines can be seen and the spiral design on Poliwag's belly symbolises this.

  9. 9 Sandshrew

    via Wikimedia Commons/Lamiot

    Sandshrew is a cuddly ground-type pokemon and can easily be compared to the Chinese pangolin(Manis pentadactyla) owing to its hard brick-type hide. Pangolins are also known for their scales which they expose to the predators while coiling into a ball. Like the pangolin, Sandshrew also resides in deep furrows.

    These were 9 rare pokemon insoired by real animals. Which one them can you see yourself petting?

    If you liked reading about pokemon inspired by real animals, read about the bat that looks like Yoda!

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