5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

Are you someone who gets fired up at the sight of a perfectly puffed pastry? If yes, then congrats, you’re a baker, or at least someone who is passionate about baked goodies. You might also know that baking isn’t always the happy-go-lucky, carefree activity it seems to be; it is a precise art, and even small mistakes can make your creations less than desirable. Not to worry though, because we present to you some adorable, advanced baking gadgets that not only save you time and effort, but also go that extra mile towards perfection!

Kuhn Rikon’s Frosting Deco Pen

5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

Aah, the struggle of making the perfectly shaped frosting is very real. Cakes and cookies turning into miserable warps of what you intended is such a bummer! But, what if you could do frosting as easily as you write?

This cute and efficient pen has been designed by an award winning swiss designer, Philipp Beyeler, and it is the next step in cake-decoration. It is completely battery powered, and gives you full control on when to push and when to retract the material. With a number of different attachments, it allows you to be as creative as you want to be with your cake. Honestly, it is a godsend, particularly for beginners.

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

Who’d want to handle a giant cake, when you can literally enjoy smaller versions of it, with as many different frostings as you liked?! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love these ridiculously good tiny treats, but making them is a lot of work! Finding a mould and keeping their shape are issues that just steal from their beauty as desserts. But this cake-pop maker by Babycakes makes the job totally hassle-free. It is easy to use, budget-friendly, and boasts of the best materials on both the inside and the outside of the machine. It allows for precision with an indicating ‘ready’ light, and gives you the perfectly done, smooth pops that you can then decorate to your heart’s desire!

Oven Monitoring Thermometer

5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

This might be a pretty commonly known tool, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. You can constantly keep a tab on the exact internal temperature of your oven with this stainless-steel device. Some might say that it’s redundant, but often the true temperature of the oven may be off by a few degrees than what is shown on its own meter, and that can make a drastic difference for something with precise temperature needs, like meat or baked items. This one by Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a simple, no-nonsense machine, which takes a step further and works for any heat-based cooking appliances, not just ovens. Time to say bye to those burnt christmas cookies and the anxiety they bring!

Microwave S’Mores Maker

5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

Get ready to be blown away by cuteness because wow, how adorable is this thing? And its purpose is even more heart-warming. Even when you can’t get a campfire going in your house (for very evident health and legal reasons 🙂 ), you shouldn’t have to long for those ooey-gooey delights. With this little innovation, you can have 2 s’mores ready in just 30 seconds, using only a basic microwave. For example, with this s’mores maker by Progressive Prep Solutions, all you need to do is pour water in the bucket-like structure in the device, arrange your marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, and let it do its thing in the microwave. Its little arms don’t let the dessert fall apart, and admit it, it looks like irresistible melting chocolate. Talk about convenience and aesthetics rolled into one!

Drop- A Wi-Fi-equipped food scale

5 Baking Gadgets That Are Every Baker’s Dream Crumb True!

When you reach peak innovation, you reach here. As amateur bakers, some of you may know the dilemma of going by the book or going by your intuition when it comes to measuring ingredients for cakes, muffins, and whatnot. I say, go by Drop. It is an electronic scale that you can connect with your phone or laptop, and it shows you the exact weight of a particular ingredient, along with the desired weight for a certain recipe. But it is also so much more than that.

This impressive gadget is loaded with features like recipe rescaling, ingredient substitutions, heat-resistance, smart power usage, and measurements in various units. Additionally, it gives you tried and tested recipes for the most delightful desserts and even savory dishes. It seems unbelievable that such a plain-looking, tiny plate thingy can perform such wonders, but that’s modern technology for you! Drop? More like drip, because this thing would be so in style!

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