7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

Silent Voice left a deep impression on anime lovers. Whether we sob quietly, have a crazy smile throughout the film or just question the meaning of life (been there, done that), we always feel a sense of satisfaction after binge-watching the whole series or film. As Silent Voice deals with realism, insecurity and dark dispositions, we bring out some of the best anime like it! Be prepared with your tissues and favourite blankets, because this list has lots of adventure.

Your Name

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

This movie held my smile throughout its screen-time. The art, comfortable and mesmerizing, reminded me of nature. Mitsuha Miyazumi and Taki Tachiba met each other in an incredible way. They woke up one morning in each other’s body, and as they try to find out the reason, they fight with fate. This movie is interesting to watch, as its plotline carries the most important factor of the story. Overall, the ending is satisfying too!


7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

Simple, sweet and enchanting. This had me shook at some parts and melted by its dialogues. Orange narrates the story of alternate universes. Naho Takiyama is in high school when she receives a strange letter from her future self. The letter tells her to save  Kakeru Naruse, who isn’t with her and her friend group in future. Her future self is determined to not have any regrets in the future, and in order to guide her past self, she informs about the main occurrences which may help the present Naho lead a different life. Orange remains one of my favourite high school romance anime, full of life lessons and a twist of science fiction.

March Comes In Like A Lion

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

This 44-episode anime has a deep connection with its watchers. It deals with mental health issues, family problems, adulthood and sweet topics like friendship, bonding and facing what scares you. Rei Kiriyama, a 17-year-old professional shogi player who suffers from depression and anxiety. After he loses his family due to an accident, he is adopted by his late father’s friend in Tokyo, also a shogi player. Due to problems, he moves into his own apartment. There, he meets the Kawamoto family, who add warmth to his life. The three sisters and their grandfather bond with Rei in a heartwarming way. The clever narration is also a reason why it’s loved by fans.

Grave Of Fireflies

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

Studio Ghibli is famous for its aesthetic and calming films, and this has all the qualities to be called a classic film of Ghibli. This film carries a heavyweight of losing loved ones, war and illness. Seita and his younger sister Setsuko have a beautiful bond with their family Their lives are turned upside down when they lose their mother due to a fatal illness from the bomb that was dropped in their city. They decide to go live with their cruel aunt but then leave after getting mistreated. They find themselves in an abandoned bomb shelter, but as food got scarce and Seita falls ill, we as watchers realize how unpredictable life is. And yes, it brings out a good amount of tears too :,)

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

So, you want to cry some more? I’ve got you! This film has nothing to do with the title by the way; it is a story about Haruki Shiga, who finds a notebook in a hospital. He comes to know it is the diary of a popular student in his school, Sakura Yamauchi, who suffers from a fatal pancreatic illness. As a special bond develops between the two, they start doing activities from Sakura’s bucket list together. The plot twist had my heart in my mouth, but I enjoyed the promised fascination throughout the film

The Day I Became God

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

A perfect slice-of-life anime series, which covers genres like romance and science fiction. This anime taught me how sometimes, right people matter more than right choices. Hina Sato magically appears in Yōta Narukami’s life, a student who is preparing for his graduation exams. Dressed in a veil, she tells him that the world is ending in 30 days. The character development and plot makes it worth being watched again. It is a comedic piece of adulthood and friendship!

When Marnie Was There

7 Anime Like The Silent Voice Which Will Make You Cry, Laugh Or Both

Another picturesque by Studio Ghibli, When Marnie Was There reflects on family bond, friendship and the aesthetics of anime films. Anna Sasaki is a 12-year-old girl who suffers from an asthma attack, and following the suggestion of her doctor, her foster family sends her to spend her summer break on a rural seaside with their relatives. There, she comes across a mansion across the salt marsh. She meets Marnie, and the two immediately feel a familiar bond between them. With the help of her neighbour Sayaka, who had found Marnie’s diary hidden in the drawers of her new house, Anna began to question if Marnie is actually what she seems to be. It is touching, poignant and a soft watch.

Well, there are many more anime like silent voice to be added to the list. Anime houses keep on making better and better shows, but there are some whose rank will never change. Which one made you cry the most? Make sure to comment!

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