5 Android Games Launching In August 2021 That We’re Waiting For

Shoutout to all the gamers out there! With a huge variety to choose from, are you confused about which games should be added to your list? Well, in that case, we have got you covered. This post will tell you all that you need to know about the best Android games set to launch in August 3021!

Playstation and Xbox games work well with technical appetite. Mobile games, though, are easier to play, accessible and handy. Games do more than just keep us busy and distracted. They elevate our mood, refresh us and keep us entertained.

Android Games Launching In August 2021

For some people, gaming is not limited to their leisure time. It is a hobby, a skill they want to develop, and a source of income. 

2020 saw a huge surge in demand for games like Free Fire, Multiplayer Ludo, Genshin Impact, Call Of Duty and Valorant. Here are some upcoming games we’re excited for that are set to be released in August 2021.

Plants Vs Zombies 3

Android Games Launching In August 2021

Plant Vs Zombies is a video game that revolves around a homeowner trying to protect his house amidst a Zombie apocalypse. The player has to sow plants in multiple lanes which fire bullets at zombies and harm them according to their abilities. If a zombie reaches the house, the player loses and has to restart the level.

The sequel to Plant Vs Zombies 2 comes with advanced graphics and increased challenges. Developed by PopCap Games, it is one of the most anticipated video games and is set to release by the end of August.

Diablo Immortal

Android Games Launching In August 2021

Diablo Immortal is a video game in the Diablo series based on Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, some of the best android games possible. It is a role-playing action game. The somber art and graphic style of this game complement its gameplay for a thrilling experience. 

This is a multiplayer game that will be launched soon for Android. Blizzard Entertainment’s latest production has an astonishing atmosphere wherein angels and demons wage wars over the dominion of the mortal realm. With avatars like Monk, Wizard, Barbarian and Demon Hunter to choose from, players get an opportunity to gain new abilities with each new encounter.

Neighbors Back From Hell

This mischievous and strategic video game game is soon going to be launched for mobile phones. Neighbors Back From Hell has a protagonist who has to prank his neighbors and get through the levels of the game.

You have to make sure that your neighbor’s and his relative’s holiday is a living hell. But beware of his companions! If you get caught, you lose. This game is rumored to launch in 2021 for Android by August-September.

My Time At Portia

Android Games Launching In August 2021

My Time At Portia is the perfect chance to benefit the builder in you. Considered one of the best mobile games to be launching soon, this game is as educational as it Is fun Play this game and compete with top builders to establish a town and help your people in a dystopian land. You can buy a farm and work on it to gain rewards that can suffice the expenses of expanding your territory.

This game has a combination of advanced graphics and rationalized aims. The players have to complete tasks, socialize and create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. From 3DWorkshops to engaging challenges and adventures, this game has it all.


This is a stress-free city building game. Herein, the players don’t have to worry about managing budgets or scrutinizing every step ahead. They have to just place blocks on empty pieces of land with the desired colors and the gameplay will give it varied shapes.

Likewise, you can build castles, cathedrals and cute little buildings. Quaint islands and small pretty hamlets are all that you need to soar higher in this game! Just tap and place blocks which the game’s algorithm will convert to bridges, curvy streets, arches, stairways and adorable houses based on their configuration.

These were some of the best upcoming android games of 2021. From shooting, action roleplay and Zombie apocalypse to puzzles, construction and stress relieving games, we must acknowledge that this year has got super exciting games in store for us! Which one are you rooting for?

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