5 Food Destinations That You Cannot Miss For The World

Are you a travel addict who loves to nourish your taste buds with the sweetest to the sour? Still confused with your variation itinerary about what is palatable for you. Here are some food destinations that you shouldn’t miss.

Paris, France

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. It is one of the best food travel destinations with an endless variety of crepes, croissants, and french galettes, but street foods will be best in the list. Baguettes are an unavoidable part of the french kitchen, if you get a chance to visit don’t forget to try the oysters and the rainbow-colored macarons!

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is famous for being the financial capital of Japan and is home to a wide variety of cuisine that will make your mouth water. If you get a chance to visit Osaka, never miss uncle rikuro’s cheesecake, butaman, black takoyaki or the pancake balls. If you would like to taste something sweet then Baby Castella with all that chocolate dip will sweeten your tongue. Something fried and placed on sticks always attracts people, well Osaka offers you nothing less. The kushikatsu is an Osakian fry where meat,shrimp, and vegetables are deep-fried and skewered to water your mouth.

Valencia, Spain

Spain offers its hearty gastronomic welcome to all food nomads across the globe . If you plan to pay a visit to this country you should definitely visit the best food destinations here. Valencia hits  the top list as the best food destinations in Spain. Valencia’s cuisine would be incomplete without the Spanish paella flavoured with all that rice, chicken, seafood and saffron. Going to Valencia  and not eating their oranges would be like going to Rio de Janeiro and not visiting christ the redeemer. If at all you get a chance to visit Valencia don’t miss the world famous  buñuelos de calabaza. Horchata and fartons are other must try in summer months.

Bangkok, Thailand

The restaurants and eat streets in Bangkok offer a great deal of savoury cuisine . The strong flavour with the amalgamation of sour sweet bitter and spicy makes its cuisine stand out. Some of the best eats that you can have in Bangkok are the braised beef with all that herbs and the spiciness that adds an extra flavour to beef. Other foods that you must try is Bangkok’s own papaya salad which is called the som tum, pad see eiu which is the stir fried flat noodles is worth the try. Tom yum goong ,the exotic classic soup will make you devour it. Bangkok’s most famous dish is pad tai ,the rice noodles stir-fried with dried and/or fresh shrimp, bean sprouts, tofu, egg and seasonings. The Khanom bueang which is the old-school version of this tiny, taco-like snack sold with two types of filling are some of the traditional dishes available  from street vendors in older parts of Bangkok, such as the stall at Nang Loeng Market.

London, United Kingdom

From exotic to indigenous , the food varieties that anyone can come across in London are just fabulous .From sweet treats to expensive international cuisine , you can find almost any food you want to relieve your taste here . Borough market is a compulsory visit. The English breakfast is one of the popular foods in England Other must tries are gin and tonic ,fish and chips and afternoon tea with creamy pastries and sandwiches.

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