Must Watch Drama Series On Netflix Based In The 1920s

Don’t we all resort to Netflix and its wide range of drama series to take our minds off the present? Well, what if we tell you that listed below are not only some of the best series available on Netflix but also are in the form of period dramas based in the 1920s? This is the list of web series that not only entertain you but take you to a very different period of time. So brace yourself for some of the best period dramas on Netflix!

Peaky Blinders

This creation of Steven Knight has gained a lot of popularity in the genre of crime drama. Peaky Blinders is based on the Shelby family who infiltrates the high society in Birmingham. Something that very few people know about this drama series based in the 1920s is that it is a dramatized version of reality. Long back, there did exist a peaky blinders gang that made it to the newspapers due to their obnoxious get-up and crime. With five seasons and 6 episodes per season, this series is a must-watch in the genre of Netflix period drama! 

Cable Girls

This telenovela is based in the late 1920s and is created by Ramon Campos and Gema R Neira. Breaking all records, this show was the first non-US Netflix original that had as many as five seasons and was so popular.  This series is about four young women who work in Madrid’s telecommunications company, in 1928. This story is relevant not only in the time period it is based upon but also in contemporary times. Though all the four girls in the series are very different from each other, there is a common struggle, the struggle for liberation. In the man’s world, it was, and to some extent still is very challenging for a woman to make a place for herself.

Upstairs, Downstairs

This drama series developed by Alfred Shaughnessy had five seasons and 68 episodes in total. This is a beautiful web series that presents a parallel to the audience between the elite and the lesser privileged. To make it more graspable, they show a comparison between people living under the same roof. It is a story of a wealthy family(upstairs) and their servants (representing the downstairs). The final series is based on the time period of 1919 to 1930. This is based on a period of the great depression. In this period, the servants living downstairs can be seen losing their jobs. The lady loses her child due to malnutrition. It shows how even though the great depression hit everyone badly, it was influenced greatly by a class gap. This series shows the class struggle and the political scenario post great depression quite accurately.

Babylon Berlin

This period drama is a thriller directed and written by Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borris, and Tom Tykwer and is based on a series of best-selling novels. It takes the audience through the emotional journey of political developments from the Weimar republic to widespread socialism. The plot has a police inspector who has been posted to Berlin to solve a criminal case. What follows is a raw depiction of corruption, drug dealing, and weapons being trafficked. It shows the rising political unrest in Berlin and the extinguishing of democracy. Though it is not based on any true story or event, its portrayal of the political scenario in Berlin during the 1920s is considered to be quite accurate.

Let us know if you have watched these series and what other series do you think are a must watch!

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