5 Places In The World That You Should Not Visit Without An Umbrella!

Do you love rain? Is the enchanting smell of the wet mud an absolute haven for your nose, as in, to an extent where if that was one of the fragrances offered by a company then that would have been your go-to perfume? I mean, you get what I’m saying right, so basically, if your answers to all the above questions are yes, then congratulations, you have accomplished absolutely nothing new but you definitely belong to a much larger population in the world where people just love rain and its effects like the smell of wet mud, the rainbow, the extra shiny HD-like greenery after a shower and what not!

Well, the point I’m trying to put here is, have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a place that is blessed with a constant shower from the heavens? I mean, it might be a pain to live there for a longer period of time but it sure would be an absolute treat when it comes to visiting places that receive a good amount of rain, only if you love rain, of course! Anyways, so in case, if you answer this question too, with a wide smile and a cute nod then you are in luck because we have a listicle of the top 5 rainy vacation spots that receives a lot of rainfall that you can visit around the world!

Mawsynram, India

rainy vacation spots

So Mawsynram is a beautiful place in Meghalaya in India. The place should be on the top of your list of one of the wettest places that you can visit as the average rainfall this destination receives is 11,871mm every year! This is a place where you cannot risk going out without an umbrella. According to the researchers, the reason for this un-natural rainfall is the geographical status of the place as it is very near to the Bay of Bengal which showers the places for a much longer time in the monsoon season due to the moisture that is formed above. You should definitely visit these rainy vacation spots if you love getting wet in the rain while creating a dramatic real-life sad moment sequence, just for fun! Kidding, the place is a must-visit!

Cherrapunji, India

rainy vacation spots

And Meghalaya grabs the title again! Yes, you guessed it correctly, the next wettest place on this list is Cherrapunji which is, again, in the state Meghalaya in India. I mean, it’s fair to assume that the two villages, Cherrapunji and Mawsynram, are in a constant argument to bag the title of the wettest place! I mean, they are neighbors, so basically, that explains a lot including the Bay of Bengal theory as well, which was mentioned above. So yeah, in case, you really do love to visit a place with a lot of rain, visit any of these as there is a high chance that you will end up visiting both considering the less distance between the two. By the way, the average annual rainfall that this place receives is 11,777mm.

Tutendo, Colombia

rainy vacation spots
Wikimedia Commons / Sig Audiovisual

Tutendo is in Colombia in South America with an average annual rainfall of 11, 770mm. The relation of this place with rain and water goes deeper than the Pacific itself! That was an exaggeration, nothing is deeper than the Pacific but the point is that this place has two rainy seasons! Yeah, the smart ones have already figured that out, but for the ones who are still wondering, well, this basically means that this place receives rain almost throughout the year! So visit it anytime you like!

Debundscha, Cameroon

rainy vacation spots

This one is in Africa. The average rainfall here is 10, 299mm every year. So, the best part about this place, if we see it from the tourist point of view, is that visiting this place will not only let you cross off one of the most wettest places in the world but you will also be able to check out the highest peak in Africa! Yeah, the place is near Mount Cameroon, so basically, one arrow, two birds! Or cans, do not harm birds.

Big Bog, Hawaii, U.S.

rainy vacation spots
Wikimedia Commons / Niagara66

This is definitely an unusual name for a place but the view of its lush greenery will make you forget about its weird and mediocre name! Big Bog is in Hawaii and receives an average annual rainfall of 10, 272mm. It is one of the most preferred tourist spots in Hawaii due to its greenery which is explained by the rainfall that it receives, I mean, that was pretty obvious. So yeah, Hawaii can not only offer beaches and waves but some rain too!

Well, these were some of the rainy vacation spots in the world that you can visit if you have a thing for getting wet in the rain! Do not forget to carry an umbrella though, duh!

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