5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Let’s face it, we have all been in the situation where we were playing some cool games but the CPU over heated and the game started lagging and eventually crashed. We know, it is a super frustrating situation to be in and so to prevent it from happening, here are some hacks to cool your gaming PC real quick!

5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Move The Computer

As simple as it seems, sometimes this is all that you need to do. If your gaming system is kept near vents or areas that tend to get hotter, then you should probably move the PC to a cooler region, without direct sunlight, preferably in front of an air conditioner. The ideal room temperature for optimum PC performance is 68–78 °F (20–26 °C). Make sure to leave some space behind the computer to let the hot air escape!

5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Close The Case

Although it is popularly believed that keeping the case open leads to faster cooling, but that can be counterproductive since it could lead a buildup of dirt in the system and fans which could further reduce the speed of the fans, making the system hotter, faster. Keep the case closed at all times, make sure no space remains. Also make it a habit to clean the system regularly, to get rid of whatever dirt and dust has managed to enter it and make the PC hotter. Sometimes a little cleaning does the trick!

5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Increase The Speed

While performing stressful tasks like gaming, do open your control panel and check if you can increase the speed of the CPU fan. But also avoid running it at high speeds at all times since it might burn it down.  Check if you have been overclocking, since it is also one the more common reasons of a heated CPU.

5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Upgrade System Fans

The factory installed CPU fans often work just enough to keep the computer going and so if you haven’t already, upgrade the fan to a larger or a higher-performing fan than the one that comes with your computer. Many gamers swear by this to make sure their PC keeps running smoothly. You can also install case fans to keep the whole system cool.

5 Simple Hacks To Cool Your Gaming PC

Get a Liquid-Cooling Kit

If you have been overclocking, you could also look into purchasing a liquid-cooling pack, as this works better than fans. Several high-end gaming PCs do need this to keep the system cool. Fans coupled with a liquid-cooling system, will definitely bring down the temperature and prevent overheating in the future.

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