5 Simple Tricks And You Will Master FIFA 21

FIFA 21 has been released and it is time to lace up your shoes and get your players on the ground! Has it ever happened to you that while you are playing FIFA, you seem to be so close to winning but right at the end, your opponent swoops in from nowhere and grabs the winning title that actually belongs to you?    

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One doesn’t become a champion in this game in just one night. One has to practice, train with the players, and know all the tactics and tricks to ace it. Whether you are attacking or defending, you have to keep surprising your opponents by working on your team’s weaknesses and making them their strengths. The simple act of surprise is very effective and can throw the opponent off guard as they would already have a preconceived notion about a few members of your team. 

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Whether it is picking a formation you are most comfortable with or using your opponent’s weakness against them, everything should be planned statistically. Therefore here are a few tricks and tactics you can use or learn to use while you are playing FIFA 21:

Get to know your players thoroughly

This is one of the most crucial parts of you playing the game. A lot of people just learn how the game is played and get right into it. What they don’t understand is that it is very important to know your players’ strengths and weaknesses. Each and every strength and weakness can cost you your match. One has to learn and polish them bit by bit. Get to know the skill moves and fitness level of each level. Don’t go around any random player from your team to outrun midfielders.  

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Master all the new gameplay techniques

The gameplay in FIFA has been considerably improved this time. A lot of efficient changes have been made in order for the player to help win. For a lot of years, fans have been asking for this one feature that they could not simply do without. In the earlier versions of FIFA, the player who passes the ball to another teammate, used to stop in his tracks. This seemed to irritate a lot of people as it seemed as though the player has just stopped playing in the middle of the game and is having an existential crisis. But now FIFA 21 allows the passer to run in the direction you want them to run in. So use this very wisely. It will be a huge help.


Divide and rule. This strategy has almost never failed. By settling each of the opponent’s team members with one of yours, make sure to always block or isolate another player so you have more chances of winning. Also while your one player is trying to goal, there might be two opponents at once coming to defend, during this time, one has to make sure that they use the trick of isolation as quickly as possible.

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Mix it up in FIFA 21

When you are on the attacking team, you have to make sure that you bluff about your moves or confuse the opponents so that they will not be able to predict your next move. Hence, while attacking, one can mix up all sorts of attacks to win. It will not only confuse the opponent but also make it difficult to plan their own next move as they would never see your attack coming.

File:Japan-Senegal in Yekaterinburg (FIFA World Cup 2018) 51.jpg
Wikimedia Commmons/Wild Child

Attack wing back

Wing backs are defenders with greater emphasis on attack. Their role is one of the most physically demanding positions. A wing back must have great stamina. Here is when you take a note of your players’ strengths. If you are on the defending team, make sure that the player set as the wing back must have great stamina and if you are on the attacking team, make sure that the player you choose to focus on the wing back must also have a very high stamina if not more to play against them well. The attacking team’s wingback should be equally or more a player with more stamina.

Keeping all these little tactics and tricks while playing FIFA 21 will sure make you a winner. See to it that you are well versed with new upgrades or formation. Keep on practicing. Make sure that your players get enough rest before the game and restore their stamina and energy after the game. Take note of every weakness of the opponent’s players. For example, if the defender’s wing back has great stamina but less energy or speed, you can match it up with your wingback who has the same amount of stamina if not more and see to it that it has more energy or speed than the defenders. 

Take a close look at all these details and you are set to be to the next FIFA 21 champion. While here, also check out Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One Would You Choose?

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