5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

We don’t need to go on and on about the adverse effects of bad posture. More now than ever, when we’re all confined to our desks and keep bending our necks to use our smartphones, we need posture improvement everyday. You might wake up with a good posture, do some posture lifting exercises, floss your shoulders with locates-dislocates and do everything to help that awful neck and back pain but, by the time the day is over, you are slouched again. This is where what we’re sharing comes in handy. Technology to resolve tech-necks and tech-bacls seems like repentance and a sincere apology from the technical world, promising to deliver the posture that won’t just make you feel a ton better, but will also get your anatomy back to its original, attractive place.  

Wearable shoulder posture-tracker

5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

As much as we all hate being reminded by humans how bad our posture is, we all secretly wish there was something non-human that would do the same without embarrassing us. This is exactly what the LumoLift does!

This tiny device is a life-saver when it comes to posture – all you have to do is wear it right under your collarbone and turn it on. Now, whenever you slouch, this tracker will buzz and send notifications to your phone on the free app that comes with it. LumoLift claims that 90% of the people who have tried it have reported improved posture in as less as two weeks!

Wearable back posture tracker

5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

So small and light that you won’t even know it’s there, the wearable back posture tracker(and as it claims, ‘trainer’) UpRight comes with adhesive on its surface. Don’t worry, this glue is hypoallergenic and totally safe to stick. Whenever your posture gets a little questionable, this device will be your gentle reminder to sit back better! UpRight claims to be the world’s number 1 posture trainer, strengthening the muscles of your spine in order to have a healthier and stronger back!

Webcam monitoring

5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

Imagine someone on a zoom call reminding you to correct your posture. Annoying, right? Now imagine a bot, with no intentions of embarrassing you and without judging you, reminding you of your posture. Friendly, huh?

One such app that uses the webcam of your Apple computer to constantly monitor your posture is called the Posture Man Pat. Using the y-axis of your computer, this app observes your head-height. If you get too comfy in your chair and start slouching, this app rings a bell and dims your screen. And the best part? It’s totally free! Many users who have used this application were surprised at finding out how often they slouched without realising, but they have reported improved posture because of these reminders!

An app to track your breath

5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

Did you know that bad posture can result in worse breathing patterns and indirectly lead to respiratory issues? This is exactly the concept Prana, a wearable waistband device, uses. Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘life-energy”, which is what breath is supposed to be, according to Yoga. Prana tracks your breath, breath patterns, posture and a lot more. This device also demarcates between chest and belly breathing, and sends you alerts on the app if either your breath is not active or your posture slouch-y. It’s on the expensive side, but users have admitted that it’s totally worth it!

Posture building app

5 Technological Innovations To Fix Your Posture!

An app that doesn’t only track your posture and build it, but also helps you set up your workspace in a way your posture will be protected? And one that asks you to take breaks from your screen? MacBreakZ is the answer! This app needs a Mac iOS desktop to function and monitor you, and it comes with two modes – recovery and prevention. As is apparent from the names, recovery mode is for the people who already have a bad posture, and prevention is for the ones who want to prevent posture problems. A full-year membership isn’t expensive, either! This app monitors your overall posture and spinal health, and makes sure you recover from the adverse effects!

Please note that this is not at all an exhaustive list of what technology has to offer when it comes to posture. If you think another innovation deserves to be here, let us know in the comments below!

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