Add These 7 Boss Moves To Your Travel Fitness

When it comes to exercising to stay fit and healthy, you gotta believe that all your excuses are lies. When you are planning a vacation or business trip, it may seem like finding the right time and space for working out can be difficult, but the fact is that there are plenty of simple and effective exercises that you can do from the comfort of your hotel room. Remember, 15 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise. All you have to do is spare a few minutes, perhaps skip scrolling through your feed or get up a few minutes early. It’s as easy as that, folks. Today we bring to you & no-equipment badass moves that will make sure your travel fitness stats intCt and gives results.

Add These 7 Boss Moves To Your Travel Fitness

Plank Shoulder Taps

The plank shoulder tap is an exercise that involves a high plank position with hands kept close, right under your shoulders. Your knees and feet should be kept wide apart to get more stability.Now you begin, your body stays straight, while one hand taps the opposite shoulder, and so on.If your feet sway a little while you adjust your balance, that’s okay. But make sure your hips don’t move. This is a perfect full-body move that strengthens and stabilizes your core, back, arms and legs.

Tricep Dips

There isn’t anything as satisfying as completing 50 strong tricep dips. Tricep dips require you to grip the edge of the bench or a chair opposite to your bak, with your legs extended, feet hip width apart and heels on the floor. Lift your body on your palms and move forwards from the edge of the seat. Lower your body to get your elbows bent between 45 to 90 degrees and lift yourself back with controlled movement.

Single Arm Raises

No equipment? No problem! While arm raises traditionally require you to use a resistance band or dumbbells, you can just as easily substitute weights for a water bottle and add an extra burn to your travel fitness. Make sure the bottle is filled and leak-proof. Try out hybrid raises that include both straight and lateral lifts. Make sure your palms are straight, lift your bottle or weight-substitute, and at the peak, your arms should be parallel to the floor. Repeat as many times as you want, because arm raises are excellent for working arms, chest, traps and upper back, while enhancing your posture. 

Sumo Squats

Never lose your peachy bum when you practice sumo squats. A brilliant exercise for working the legs, the back and the abs, sumo squats give you a lifted butt and tone your legs. To perform this move, spread your legs much wider than hip width, stabilize your feet and start squatting. For an extra burn, try 5 pulses for each squat. 


9/10 hate lunges, but the key is to get some support in the front that makes the lift a little softer on the body. Lunges are an excellent way to engage your core by taking a big step with alternate legs. The exercise has to be started by standing tall with feet hip width apart, and then shifting your weight forward. Make sure you keep your back straight and bring down your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You can also consider tapping the opposite knee on the floor for some added spice. 

Russian Twists 

When it comes to no equipment at-home exercises, nothing will define your obliques the way Russian twists will. The key here is to engage the abs and not the hip flexors. Skip the weights, lace your fingers together, spread your legs to the front with your knees bent and a generous distance between thes. Recline to 60 or 45 degrees, and then twist to your right using your fingers. We recommend doing this move in both directions at least twenty-five times for best results. 

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is a yoga position that helps your body reach a relaxed, awake and optimal state. The exercise requires you to just place feet hip width apart and stand as tall as you can without allowing your shoulders to hunch or strain. While your arms are parallel to your body, start rotating your palms slightly towards the front. Make sure that you feel your heart lifting and your abdominals firming as you slowly drop your tailbone down and stay in this position for five to 10 breaths. If you’re feeling anxious and want to stay grounded, rock on your feet for a few seconds while you take deep breaths. 

These were our 7 picks for no-equipment travel fitness moves that you can perform while traveling. If you want an added burn, try including light-weight and compact equipment in your travel kit. Resistance loops, jump ropes and inflatable fitness balls can transform your vacation!

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